Student Retention & College Life

Student Retention and College Life Brochure 2017-18

Get Involved!

College is about more than just sitting in classes and earning a degree. It's about being involved and taking advantage of other kinds of learning experiences. At Chemeketa, we believe our programs outside the classroom help involve students more fully in their education.

Become a Student Leader

Develop skills that can serve you the rest of your life. Learn about student leadership opportunities.

Student Services

Chemeketa offers numerous Multicultural programs so students and community members can learn from each other through shared experiences, including –

Get involved with Civic Engagement at Chemeketa to meet people and develop your skills and interests through –

Receive student support services to help reach your goal of completing college –

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Salem Campus

Hours of Operation
8 am to 5 pm, Monday
8 am to 8 pm, Tuesday-Friday
9 am to 4 pm, Saturday
Building 2, Room 176-178
College Life

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