Academic Honesty Definitions

Violations of academic honesty include but are not limited to the following:


  • presenting someone else's words, ideas, artistry, product or data as one's own
  • presenting as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source  

Collusion/Inappropriate Assistance

  • helping another commit an act of academic dishonesty
  • knowingly or negligently allowing work to be used by others. It is a violation of Oregon state law to create and offer to sell part or all of an educational assignment to another person (ORS 1.65.114)


  • an act of deceit, fraud, distortion of truth or improper use of another person's effort to obtain an educational advantage
  • includes but is not limited to unauthorized access to examination materials prior to the examination itself


  • intentional misrepresentation, invention, exaggeration or alteration of information or data, whether written, verbalized or demonstrated

Unauthorized Multiple Submission

  • using any work previously submitted for credit without prior permission of instructor

Sabotage and Tampering

  • intentional altering or interfering with documents or other student's work
  • intentional depriving others of academic resources