Academic Honesty Policy

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Academic Honesty Policy


When an apparent violation of academic honesty occurs, the faculty member works directly with the student according to the Chemeketa Community College Academic Honesty Policy and Procedure 5020. The faculty member may resolve the matter by determining an appropriate course of action.


If the student contests the faculty member's decision, a meeting with the academic department director may be requested.


The purpose of the meeting is for the student to hear the charges and present his/her side of the case.


The academic department director determines if the action recommended by the faculty member is appropriate.


If the student contests the director's decision, the student may submit a written appeal to the instructional dean.


The instructional dean considers the appeal and responds. The decision of the dean is final.


Further consequences may be imposed by the dean of students in cases of grievous violations of academic honesty or for a continued pattern of violations.


Consequences for violations of academic honesty:


If a student is found guilty of violating academic honesty, any one or a combination of the following consequences may be imposed by the faculty member:

  • Oral or written disciplinary admonition and warning
  • Temporary Exclusion from class, lab, clinical not to exceed one class session
  • A grade of "F" or a zero for the assignment, project, or examination


The following consequence may be imposed by the faculty member after an inquiry conducted by the department director:

  • Program-based academic probation
  • A lower grade or a grade of "F" or "No Pass" for the course, overriding a student's ability to withdraw from the course (in some programs, this may result in a student's removal from the program)
  • Requirement to attend an Academic Honesty Seminar


The following consequences may be imposed by the Dean of Students in cases of grievous acts of dishonesty or for a continued pattern of dishonesty:

  • Disciplinary admonition and warning
  • Disciplinary probation with or without the loss of privileges for a definite period of time.  The violation of the terms of the disciplinary probation or the breaking of any college rule during the probation period may be grounds for suspension or expulsion from the college
  • Suspension from Chemeketa Community College for a definite period of time
  • Expulsion from Chemeketa Community College


Some professional-technical areas have program-specific student handbooks, and in these handbooks there may be further explanation of their unique policies and consequences.