Clubs & Organizations

You can become involved in a wide variety of clubs while you are at Chemeketa. Clubs tend to be interest-based and can be academic, curriculum-related, activity-oriented, or special interest. Club-sponsored events include special lunches, dances, displays, trips, and arts and craft fairs.

Associated Students of Chemeketa (ASC)

Advisor—Adam Holden

The Associated Students of Chemeketa represent the voice of Chemeketa’s students by serving on the Chemeketa Board of Education, the Oregon Community College Student Association, the Presidential Advisory Council, the Diversity Advisory Council and other standing committees. They coordinate the Student Book Exchange, student forums, and other resource tools for the student's success and representation.

Student Retention & College Life Events

Campus Sustainability Day—October 22

Make a difference Day of Service—October 24

Halloween Club Fair—October 30

Pizza and Politics—November 12

Council of Clubs—November 13

Council of Clubs—January 29

MLK Day—January 30

Pizza and Politics—February 11

Valentine's Day Clubs Fair—February 12

Chemeketa Idol—February 20

Pizza and Politics—March 4

Earth Day—April 22

Council Club—April 20

Spring Club Fair—May 7

Into the Quad—May 15

Pizza and Politics—May 20

Into the Streets—May 29

Ballroom Dance

Advisor—Donna Hurless

For Students and public socializing with structured dancing.

Board Game Society

Advisor—Tiffany Kennell

Though the experience of playing board games, a bond is formed between the players. The goal set out by this club is to inform and educate students on the array of games that are not well known and focuses on learning the rules of unique and enchanting games.

Campus Ambassadors

Advisor—Nancy Green

Campus Ambassadors works to develop a community in which students have an opportunity to share, discuss, and deepen their relationship with Jesus. The club attracts a diverse collection of students who are equipped with the enlightenment to serve the community. Students' lives are transformed by the love of Jesus.

Chemeketa Service Leaders

Advisor—Ashley Hackett

The purpose of Chemeketa Service Leaders are to invite students to participate in service learning, fundraising, and/or mentoring events that benefit the community and enhance a student's educational experience.

Cru Club

Advisor—Rebecca Salinas Oliveros and Shirley Lamkey

The purpose of the club is to spread the word of God through bible studies and fellowship activities at Chemeketa Community College.

Gay Straight Alliance for Awareness (GSA)

Advisors—Cathy Busha

GSA advocates equality and social justice for the LGBT community, while working with other groups on LGBT political issues. GSA works to raise awareness and advocate for the change of attitudes around the culture of LGBT issues, and strives to achieve acceptance from the general public toward the LGBT community.

International Club

Advisor—Teter Kapan

The purpose of this club is to bring the world to Chemeketa by having international students more involved in American life, creating cultural awareness and promoting cultural diversity.

Law Enforcement Club

Advisor—Marshall Roache

Law Enforcement Program Club is looking to gather students to communicate and share resources to strengthen, bond, and promote our program. The club trains students who are interested in an education in Law Enforcement as well as providing them opportunities to share their knowledge in the community.

Leadership Development Club

Advisor—Charisa Henckel

Leadership Development Club is looking to gather students to develop more effective leaders in our student government and our volunteers from the student body.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

Advisor—Kay Bunnenberg Boehmer

The PTK promotes scholarships, the development of leadership service and the cultivation of fellowship among qualified students of this college.

Fall Induction Ceremony—November 20

Students for Sensible Drug Policies (SSDP)

Advisor—Leanne Barron

SSDP provides the Chemeketa Community College campus community and the Salem public with informative and educational information about current drug policy reform in the United States. The club consists of free and open conversations about drugs and drug reform, as well as promoting appropriate progress through education.

Sustainability Club

Advisor—Stephania Fregosi

Our environment is very important! The sustainability club advocates and educates the Chemeketa campus about sustainable practices being implemented right here in the community and surrounding areas.

Veterans Club

Advisor—Lupe Reyna

Supports the needs of the veteran community at Chemeketa

Writers Anonymous

Advisor—Magdalen Powers

The purpose of Writers Anonymous is to console, support, affirm, and inform all types of writers within the community. Club days consist of students sharing their creative writings as well as exploring written works from all genres.

Xicano Club

Advisor—Dr. Leo Rasca

The purpose of Xicano Club is to disseminate Hispanic culture in the community, and being an agent for positive and growth through communication and understanding.


Council of Clubs Funding Request

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Reimbursement Request Form

For questions on how to start or reactivate a club as well as checklists, policies, and forms for daily club operations, you e-mail or call us at 503.365.4764. You may also stop by the Student Retention & College Life office in Building 2, Room 176.