Multicultural Student Services

We are a college community enriched by the diversity of our students and staff. Each individual and group has the potential to contribute in our learning environment. Each has dignity. To diminish the dignity of one is to diminish the dignity of us all.

–Chemeketa Diversity Statement

2017-2018 Events
Evening Study Night Flyer

The Multicultural Student Services Team (MSS)

The foundation of Multicultural Student Services supports our belief in Chemeketa's diversity statement to respect and affirm the equal human worth of every individual and of all distinctive groups of people. The objective of MSS is to serve the entire campus community by offering multicultural education through various activities which have an emphasis on multicultural inclusiveness and awareness. We create and support a unique welcoming place for students and campus community members to gather and communicate about cultural, ethnic, religious, gender, disability, veterans' status, sexual orientation and class issues. The Multicultural Student Services moral and intellectual justification is rooted in the college's commitment to all people.

The Multicultural Student Services efforts are on student success and retention. We strive to offer positive education and valued cultural experiences to contribute to our campus community learning environment. This is done by building relationships in the multicultural community we serve.

Location and Hours
Multicultural Center
Bldg.2 Rm. 177
8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday - Thursday
Multicultural Center

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Linda Ringo-Reyna
Multicultural Student Services Coordinator.

Our young must be taught that racial peculiarities do exist, but that beneath the skin, beyond the different features and into the true heart of being, fundamentally, we are more alike, my friend, than we are unlike.

—Maya Angelou