Chemeketa Rideshare Program

Save Money

Most commuters can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year just by carpooling with one other person. The savings are easy to see! One person, one car—you pay all the expenses (gas, parking, wear and tear). Two people, one car—your expenses are cut in half. Even if you each drive your own cars half the time, you are still sharing the costs.

Save Time

Willamette Valley residents spend (on average) 100 hours a year simply driving to work and back; that's more than most people get for vacation every year! Spend that time doing something you enjoy. Take the bus or carpool, and instead of dealing with traffic you can read, listen to music, get a head start on your work day or even enjoy a short nap during your commute.

Save Yourself

At a time of skyrocketing obesity, respiratory ailments and stress, more Americans are making the connection between their driving habits and their health. If you rideshare regularly, you have the potential to reduce health threats for yourself and others by reducing pollution, getting one more car off the road and contributing to a stress-free commute.

Save the World

By choosing to share the ride, not just for a daily commute but for shopping, personal trips and traveling to and from school, you can stop adding to the harmful emissions dumped into the air and do your part to ease our reliance on foreign oil.

One person can make a difference. You can be that person.

Carpool & Rideshare


Bus Schedules
You can purchase your bus pass from the Chemeketa Bookstore

Emergency Ride Home
Follow these instructions to register for the Emergency Ride Home program and receive a free taxi ride home if an emergency arises while you are at any Chemeketa location.