Smoke-Free College Policy

Chemeketa Community College has a responsibility to students, employees, and visitors to provide a safe and healthy environment. Research findings indicate that tobacco use in general, including smoking and breathing secondhand smoke, constitutes a significant health hazard.

Smoking is prohibited on or in all properties owned and or controlled by Chemeketa, including smoking in private vehicles while on property owned and or controlled by Chemeketa.

For the purposes of this policy —

  • Smoking is defined as burning any type of tobacco product including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, and pipes
  • Using a device like an e-cigarette that vaporizes material is considered smoking and, therefore, prohibited.
  • Property includes, but is not limited to, any of the following located on property owned and or controlled by Chemeketa -
    • Buildings
    • Vehicles (owned or leased)
    • Sidewalks
    • Recreational areas
    • Parking lots
    • Landscaped areas


This policy applies to all college employees, students, and visitors to property owned and/or controlled by Chemeketa.


Any student or employee who ignores warnings and continues behavior prohibited by this policy may be fined up to $50. This fine may be posted to the student or employee account in the Business Services office and is subject to the College’s normal collection procedures. Visitors who ignore warnings and continue behavior prohibited by this policy may be issued a trespass notice.


Retaliation against any person for making a complaint related to this policy or for providing information concerning a complaint is prohibited.


Any exceptions to this policy must be preapproved by the President/CEO or designee.

Policy #2255 approved July 21, 2010 — Effective January 1, 2011. Updated March 19, 2014.