What is the Student Leadership Development Program?

Three years ago, Chemeketa Community College instituted a new campus-wide Student Leadership Development Program. The growth of this program continues to provide students with an opportunity to develop strong leadership skills and become effective leaders. We encourage you to take these leadership classes, seek out volunteer opportunities, and then apply for our student leadership teams.

This program includes:

FALL TERM An all-day Student Leadership training conference that to date has had over 350 students participate.

WINTER TERM The opportunity to take a free two credit Leadership class and to enjoy a networking social event.

Peer Mentoring (CG121B)

1 class and 3 lab hr/wk; 2 credits

Develops necessary skills to be an effective mentor. Prepares mentors to serve as role models to encourage and influence the personal, educational and professional development of their peers. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits.

Community Service Leadership (CG123)

2 class hr/wk; 2 credits

Introduces basic leadership skills necessary for working with community service projects. Enhances leadership abilities through theory and practical experience. Inspires students to make a difference.

Intercultural Leadership A (CG127A, B, C)

2 class hr/wk; 2 credits

Assists students to understand and respect people of other cultures and be understood and respected by them.

Leadership Development (CG128)

Explores the definition of leadership and provides knowledge of basic leadership skills. Develops and enhances leadership abilities through practical skill building in team building, goal-setting, role modeling, public speaking, time management, ethics, diversity, and customer service. Inspires cultivation of a personal leadership vision.

SPRING TERM An awards event recognizing outstanding student leaders at Chemeketa Community College.