Free Speech Agreement Guidelines

Free Speech Agreement Guidelines
Free Speech Zone Application


Chemeketa Community College recognizes and supports the rights of free expression and speech. It is the purpose of these regulations to inform members of the College community and the public of the manner in which they may engage in constitutionally protected speech and expression at Chemeketa Community College. It is the further intent to ensure the primary educational purpose of the College while promoting debate and the sharing of information.

Free Speech Disclaimer

All information and content of the "Free Speech Zone" is for informational and educational purposes only. All information expressed by the individual or organization using the Chemeketa Community College "Free Speech Zone" is particular to the individual/organization, and is not in any way expressing a belief of Chemeketa Community College in whole or part.


  • "Person" means any member of the public or the College community.
  • "Public" means any individual or group not included in the definition of "College Community."
  • "Speech Activity" means leafleting, picketing, speech-making, demonstration, petition circulation, and similar activities.
  • "College" means Chemeketa Community College.
  • "College Community" means all students, faculty, and staff of the College including student, faculty, and staff sponsored organizations.
  • "User" means an applicant, or his/her agent or other representative, applying for use of a college facility for a free speech event.


Users desiring space shall be directed to a "Free Speech Zone." On the Salem campus, this area is defined as a space at the base of the stairs in the lobby of Building 2, and shall be large enough to accommodate one six foot table and two chairs. Users shall contain their presentation and materials to this area only. Each outreach center shall designate a "Free Speech Zone" appropriate for its facility.


Access, Traffic, and College Business Not to be Impeded

  • Users shall contain their presentation and materials to the designated "Free Speech Zone."
  • Approaching students or staff is not permitted.
  • Users shall agree to not impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or unreasonably disrupt regular or authorized activities in classrooms, offices, laboratories, and other College facilities or grounds.
  • No speech activities shall be conducted at a volume which unreasonably disrupts the normal operations of the College.

User Qualifications and Scheduling

  • The Office of Student Retention and College Life shall handle all requests made by individuals and groups from off campus who wish to have a voice at Chemeketa Community College. These individuals or groups include, but are not limited to, those that represent religious organizations, groups desiring petition signatures, political candidates and their representatives, and groups representing political issues.
  • Users at the Salem Campus shall direct their space request to the Office of Student Retention and College Life, which shall be responsible for scheduling user dates.
  • Users shall be guaranteed two dates only within any given academic term. Any additional dates are subject to availability and may be scheduled if the "Free Speech Zone" has not already been reserved.
  • Normal hours of presentations in the "Free Speech Zone" shall be from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Users desiring space on any of Chemeketa Community College's outreach campuses shall contact the appropriate outreach campus director.
  • Users wanting to conduct Free Speech activities outdoors should contact the Office of Student Retention and College Life for scheduling and availability.

Facilities and Materials

  • Banners and/or table signs are welcomed, but shall only be attached to or displayed on the table provided by the college.
  • All users must display a sign containing the following: "Chemeketa Community College neither sponsors nor endorses the content or opinions expressed, or products, merchandise, or services marketed." This sign will be provided to the user by the Office of College Retention and Student Life.
  • Users shall not hang, tape, stand, or place signs or other objects that may obstruct vision, signage, or walkways, or that may damage College premises without College permission.

Financial/Legal Considerations

  • Users shall not solicit contributions or donations from any individual on college property, nor shall they engage in the sale of any items or services. In addition, commercial users must pay a reasonable fee for solicitation and advertisement of products, merchandise, or services.
  • • Organizations wishing to sell or distribute products, merchandise, or services should contact the Director of the Bookstore, who can be reached at 503.399.5131. Organizations wishing to sell or distribute food or nonalcoholic beverages should contact Northwest Innovations, Inc. 503.399.6444), which shall be responsible for scheduling them. College policy and procedure #2260 governs the terms under which such activity will be permitted.
  • The user understands that the use of the College facility is at his/her sole risk and agrees that the College shall not be liable for any injuries or damages, claims demands, lawsuits, or causes of action (including attorney fees and other expenses thereto) whatsoever to the user, for property damage, bodily injury, and/or death whether or not caused by negligence, arising out of or connected with the user's use of the "Free Speech Zone."
  • The College shall not be responsible for any loss or theft of the user's personal property.