Diversity and Inclusion

We are a college community enriched by the diversity of our students, staff, and community members. Each individual and group has the potential to contribute in our learning environment. Each has dignity. To diminish the dignity of one is to diminish the dignity of us all.

A Message from our President

Chemeketa Community College is a rich community that values diversity of perspectives, identities, cultures, experiences and backgrounds. We believe such diversity is essential for hardy dialogue and learning. It is our hope that members of the college and broader community will use this website as a tool to deepen their own education, as well as learn how Chemeketa realizes its commitment to diversity.

Together, we all contribute to the texture and experience that we call Chemeketa!

Julie Huckestein

2012–2013 Highlights of the Diversity Advisory Council

1. The Board of Education approved Policy 1752, Respectful College Community
2. More courses incorporated a Diversity, Power, and Responsibility (DPR) component into their curriculum
3. One hundred and twenty employees participated in the Strength in Diversity (SID) seminars which will continue this year
4. In partnership with Human Resources, nineteen Beyond Equity trainings were held for faculty search committees to improve hiring practices. These sessions covered how and where to advertise job openings, development of interview questions and what to listen for
5. Pilot projects were initiated: Diversity Dynamics in the Workplace for fire science students and Spanish in the Workplace

2013–2014 Goals

1. Review college diversity documents and programs to do a descriptive assessment of the Multicultural Center, marketing, social media, New Employee Orientation, Student Retention and College Life, Diversity, Power and Responsibility (DPR), Strength in Diversity (SID), and the art gallery
2. Revise the DAC website
3. A new component to the Search Committee Orientation training will add volunteers to sit on each faculty search committee as a voting member to provide a diversity perspective to the hiring process
4. Pilot projects: Cultural Competencies for Public Safety staff training workshops will be offered winter term; and more Spanish in the Workplace sessions will continue
5. Development of a model (Inclusive Excellence) for how the diversity work fits into unit plans

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