Chemeketa’s Diversity Advisory Council

The Diversity Advisory Council promotes implementation of policies and practices designed to achieve and sustain an environment of inclusiveness that empowers all students and employees to realize their highest potential without fear. We do this by –

  • Identifying institutional issues and trends that impact the equity and inclusivity of our institution
  • Researching and developing recommendations for college leadership
  • Providing consultation for college leadership and other groups
  • Honoring accomplishments and best practices

Present DAC Members —

  • Julie Huckestein - Chemeketa President (Sponsor)
  • Barbara Cowlishaw (Support person)
  • Adam Mennig (Chair)
  • Sue Orchard (Chair Elect)
  • Juan Carlos Deloya (Past Chair)
  • Adrian Manriquez
  • Deborah Sipe
  • Maria Cruse
  • Moira Hughes
  • Jack Wu
  • Christopher Kato
  • Cary Ballew-Renfro
  • Gianluigi Benvenutto
  • Robin Gilley
  • Diana Inch
  • Joshua Rogers
  • Patricia Antoine (Ex-Officio)
  • Linda Herrera (Ex-Officio)
  • Alice Sprague (Ex-Officio)
  • Linda Ringo-Reyna (Ex Officio)
  • Beth Perlman (Ex-Officio)

Past DAC Members —

Minna Gelder   Taylor Marrow   Tania Kleinschmit
Mariacruz Reyes Terra Ashford Veronica Zmolek
Cassie Belmodis Teter Kapan Justin Hardwick
Dianne McGill Dane Laverty Kevin Dye
Doug Moxley David Hallett Jeremy Hudnall
Elias Villegas David Hardesty Cerbrina Chou
John Lujan Hermine Torre Grant Matthews
Linda Flamenco Javad Farjami Lindsay Messoline
Lori Murphy Kris Powers Leonardo Reyes
Manuel Guerra Lexy Sanchez-Riffe Cathy Martell-Straight
Maureen McGlynn Michael Morsches Cecelia Monto
Rebecca Woods Miriam Rozin Eden Cortez
Ron Meek Peter Starr Erik Jensen
Paul Smith Leo Reyes-Muno Makiah Merritt
Dina Valdivia Adriana Mora Nancy Espinosa
Layli Liss Monica Rodriquez Kathy Saunders


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