Difference, Power and Responsibility

Cultural Literacy-Designated Courses

Difference, Power and Responsibility (DPR) courses provide a framework within which students develop a critical consciousness of issues of difference and power in the United States.

DPR seminar

DPR seminars provide faculty with the opportunity to learn strategies to create and engage a diverse community of learners. Seminars are offered each term and are open to faculty and staff interested in exploring topics of equity, inclusion and diversity.

The DPR seminar explores—

  • Personal and professional perspectives that construct our lives and our teaching
  • Teaching strategies and how they can either engage or marginalize students
  • Issues of difference and power embedded in curricula
Chemeketa faculty and staff may register for a DPR seminar by contacting

Chemeketa Opportunity Center
Bldg. 9, Rm. 104

Current DPR Courses

Since 2002, Chemeketa has worked to grow its offerings of DPR-designated courses to meet the cultural literacy requirement for the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree.

Course ID Course Title
ART101 Understanding Art
ART207 Graphic Design Literacy: Decoding Traditions of Visual Culture
ART281 Painting 1
ART281B Painting 2
ART281C Painting 3
ART289 The Medium and the Message
ATH101 Human Evolution
ATH102 Archaeology
ATH103 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
BA204 Diversity in the Workplace
CJ207 Diversity Issues in Criminal Justice
COMM100 Introduction to Communication
COMM105 Listening and Critical Thinking
COMM115 Introduction to Intercultural Communication
COMM227 Non-Verbal Communication
COMM237 Communication and Gender
COMM219 Team Communication and Leadership
COMM260 Conflict and Communication
ED258 Multicultural Education
ENG107 World Literature: The Ancient World through the Middle Ages
ENG108 World Literature: The Renaissance through the Romantic Revolt, 1450-1850
ENG109 World Literature: 1850 to the Present
ENG204 Survey of English Literature: Beowulf to Milton
ENG205 Survey of English Literature: Restoration to Romantics
ENG206 Survey of English Literature: Victorian to Post-Colonial
ENG232 Topics in American Literature
ENG253 Survey of American Literature
ENG254 Survey of American Literature
ENG256 African-American Literature
ENG257 Native American Literature
ENG258 Latin American Literature
ENG269 Environmental Literature
ES115 Crisis Intervention
FE220 Preparing for the Changing Workplace
FRP260 Fundamentals of Fire Prevention
GEG106 Cultural Geography 1
GEG107 Cultural Geography 2
HDF258 Teaching in an Anti-Bias Classroom
HS213 Multicultural Practice
HS223 Aging: Theory and Practice
HST201 History of the United States
HST202 History of the United States
HST203 History of the United States
HST257 Native American History
HST258 African America History
HST262 Women in U.S. History
HST269 Pacific Northwest History
HUM120 International Community Development in Action
HUM220 Resisting Empire: Latin American Revolutions
HUM225 Effective International Development: Theory to Practice
PHL205 Biomedical Ethics
PHL206 Faith, Reason and Worldview: Philosophy of Religion
PSY104 Psychology in the Workplace
PSY202 Introduction to Psychology: Mind and Society
PSY234 Social Psychology
PSY280 Psychology of Media
RD120 Critical Thinking and Reading
REL160 World Religions
REL203 Religion in U.S. Culture
SOC204 The Sociological Perspective
SOC205 United States Society
SOC206 Social Problems
SOC210 Sociology of the Family
SOC213 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
SOC223 Sociology of the Environment and Sustainability
SOC224 Sociology of Violence, Terrorism, and War
SOC232 Death & Dying: A Socio-Cultural Perspective
WS101 Introduction to Women's Studies
WS102 Women of the World