Recruiting Diverse Faculty

We are committed to strategically explore ways to increase workforce diversity at Chemeketa.

Our Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) works with President Huckestein and Human Resources to explore the college's current practices and procedures in recruiting and hiring diverse candidates and to provide consultation regarding strategies for recruiting, hiring, integrating and retaining diverse candidates.

The following steps have been taken to help support diversity of applicants -

  • To achieve more diversity in our employment applicant pool, a comprehensive list of diverse advertising resources is notified of our job openings and recruitment
    • Advertising for Chemeketa's employment opportunities is now primarily on-line which broadens our outreach and capacity for recruiting diverse applicants
  • The Department of Human Resources employs bilingual and bicultural recruitment staff members to assist in the recruitment efforts of diverse applicants for positions
  • All search committee members receive training in recruitment, legal hiring practices and principles of equal opportunity and are responsible for ensuring a fair and equitable hiring process
  • Our Diversity and Equity Office works with both faculty and exempt search committees as part of the implementation of the Diversity Initiative in 2011
    • The Diversity and Equity Office in collaboration with Human Resources staff assist search committees by suggesting strategies and engaging in dialog to proactively support inclusion and diversity in applicant pools; presenting Search Committee Orientation training, which is focused on recruitment of diversity in applicant pools; ensuring search committees are adhering to well-developed and relevant screening criteria, concentrating on applicants' strengths, looking for transferable skills, considering diverse viewpoints and ensuring that accurate information is available from which to make a fair and unbiased decision
  • Since 2012, we have strengthened our Diversity Initiative efforts through implementation of recruitment strategies to increase diversity of our faculty and exempt staff
    • Our Diversity and Equity Office and Human Resources staff meets with search committees to discuss cultural competency and develop inclusive and strategic recruitment processes that remove barriers for individuals of diverse backgrounds
    • Our Diversity and Equity Office has worked with Planning & Institutional Effectiveness to conduct a department and program-specific analysis of the student body served by our instructors, and then shared this information at search committee trainings in order to build awareness of the biographical diversity within each program
    • The recruitment team has participated in regional, diversity-focused job fairs during the year with the intent of attracting and engaging our community to learn about teaching opportunities at Chemeketa
    • We have continued to work with search committees to review our recruitment processes, procedures and to implement ideas on how to attract and retain diverse faculty