Budget Timeline

Chemeketa's budget is established annually by the college administration. It is monitored and updated throughout the year to accommodate adjusted outlooks.

Chemeketa's budget process is dictated by the laws of the State of Oregon.

The college's budget process is established per Oregon statute (ORS 294). Annually, the college administration recommends a proposed budget for review by a budget committee. The college's key guiding principles of student access, comprehensive mission, geographic reach, student success and retention, quality of college life, and employee and organizational success formulate the basis for budget decisions.

Prior to the budget being built, the chief financial officer uses financial models to project the overall revenue and expenditure picture for the subsequent year. The budget is continually monitored and updated throughout the year. The revised budget becomes the basis for the subsequent year. The proposed budget for the general (operating) fund is built based on the current year with known changes in personnel expenditures due to contractual obligations and strategic redesign. Materials and services and capital expenditures are adjusted for any expected changes. The initial department budgets are distributed and updated by individual budget managers then approved by vice presidents and the president. The chief financial officer is responsible for forecasting the general fund resource budget based on the projected revenue. The budget office in collaboration with several college departments builds budgets for the other funds.

Once a balanced budget is prepared, the proposed budget is ready for the budget committee to deliberate. The budget committee analyzes the budget as proposed by administration, makes recommendations, receives public comment and approves the proposed budget and the tax rate to be levied. The college publishes the budget and provides public notice of budget hearings via local newspapers, and makes available a complete copy of the proposed budget and any presentation material on the college's public website and intranet. Following approval of the proposed budget, the board of education holds a public hearing, receives public testimony, makes any adjustments within their authority and adopts the budget prior to June 30th.