Chemeketa's budget process is dictated by the laws of the State of Oregon.

ORS 294.321 sets forth the purposes of the Local Budget Law as follows:

  • To establish standard procedures for the preparation, presentation, administration and appraisal of budgets of municipal corporations
  • To provide for a brief description of the programs of a municipal corporation and the fiscal policy which is to accomplish these programs
  • To provide for estimation of revenues, expenditures and proposed tax
  • To provide specific methods for obtaining public views in the preparation of fiscal policy
  • To provide for the control of revenues and expenditures for the promotion of efficiency and economy in the expenditure of public funds
  • To enable the public, taxpayers and investors to be apprised of the financial policies and administration of the municipal corporation in which they are interested.

The college's Board of Education must enact the proper resolutions to adopt the budget and declare and categorize the tax amount or rate of each levy for each applicable fund. Consideration is given to matters discussed at the public hearing. The budget estimates of any fund as shown in the budget document may be amended prior to adoption. However, the amount of estimated expenditures for each fund shall not be increased by more than ten percent of the amount shown in the budget document as approved by the Budget Committee and published in accordance with ORS 294.416, prior to the budget meeting, unless the amended document is republished and another public hearing held.