Total Budget All Funds:  $332,739,844


% of total


General Fund


The college’s primary operating fund where most of the credit classes are offered.  It also includes a majority of the supporting services for students and administrative functions.

Special Projects


The college’s grant programs which are primarily federal or state funded.



Supplemental programs based on their ability to pay for themselves.  This includes many instructional agreements with various state agencies. 

Intra-College Services


Enables the college to achieve the best attainable price on products and services through a central, streamlined purchasing process.  The reserves guarantee funding to keep up with technology upgrades, facility maintenance and  maintain a limited level of self-insurance

Debt Service


All of the resources to repay long-term debt obligations are channeled through this fund.  The debt obligations include General Obligation bonds, Certificates of Participation, and PERS bonds.

Regional Library


The CCRLS is a member of a 16-library cooperative offering state-of-the-art library services to all residents of the college’s district.  Also includes small reserve funds to periodically replace their van and upgrade their computer systems.

Auxiliary Enterprise


The bookstore offers an expanded level of supplies and services to students and staff as well as online ordering for distance education learners

Capital Projects


The resources typically include proceeds from General Obligation bonds, Certificates of Participation, facility rental income and interest earnings.  Also included is the Plant Emergency Fund which funds emergency repairs to campus facilities

Fiduciary Funds


The largest is Financial Aid with funds from federal, state and local sources.  The other fiduciary funds are the Student Government, Clubs and Newspaper fund, the Athletics fund and the External Organization Billing fund.