We are committed to transforming lives and communities through exceptional learning experiences.


Chemeketa Community College values access and diversity which is affirmed by how we care, collaborate, and innovate with each other and the community. We promise to actively support student learning from precollege to transfer or to the workplace and lifelong learning by focusing on student success, quality, and sustainability in all of our practices and by being responsible stewards of our resources.


Our actions affirm our values, the character of the college, and how we do our work.


We are a college community enriched by the diversity of our students, staff, and community members. Each individual and group has the potential to contribute in our learning environment. Each has dignity. To diminish the dignity of one is to diminish the dignity of us all.


We care for, trust, and respect each other and the world around us through our words and our actions.


We innovate through reflection, analysis, creativity, and bold ideas. We design quality instruction, programs, and services to prepare students to meet the changing needs of our communities in a global society.


We collaborate with others to ensure purposeful and effective programs and services that support all students' access to opportunities for educational achievement. We welcome diverse perspectives and encourage the free exchange of ideas.

Core Themes/Promises

College Preparation
We promise to actively encourage and support college preparation, workforce readiness, and lifelong learning.

Transition and Transfer Studies
We promise to actively encourage and support successful transition from high school to college and university study.

Workforce Education
We promise to actively encourage and support the economic vitality of our community through excellence in technical training, workforce development, and business support.


Student Success
At Chemeketa, student success is a function of the following factors: successful enrollment for each student, engagement in the learning environment, effective learning, persistence and progression to goal, and satisfaction with the Chemeketa experience. The success of students is central to all that we do. With this context in mind, as a college community we will:

  • Offer and promote instructional programs and services that prepare students for success in a global society
  • Support successful student transition into Chemeketa and on to further educational opportunities or employment
  • Strengthen student engagement and access through innovative teaching techniques,  flexible learning formats, and interactive technologies
  • Ensure that students meet their goals and learning outcomes through quality instructional programs and student services
  • Create a sustainable level of enrollment through effective recruitment, retention, and academic programming

At Chemeketa, sustainability is a three-fold approach that incorporates economic, ecological, and social equity—often referred to as the triple bottom line. We develop systems that provide equitable access to opportunity, apply ecologically sound principles to our curriculum and practice, and allocate resources wisely to fund our most important work. With this context in mind, as a college community we will:

Economic Opportunity

  • Carefully analyze new opportunities; allocate resources to our most important work
  • Create a sustainable long-term funding and cost model for investments and operations partnerships
  • Develop targeted business and community partnerships to strengthen instructional programs and services and contribute to regional economic development

Social Equity

  • Develop systems which enhance equal access to opportunity within Chemeketa programs for qualified students
  • Create an inclusive college profile in which our students and staff reflect the community we serve
  • Create a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive college environment which fosters academic excellence and social equity

Ecological Opportunity

  • Practice environmental stewardship by expanding ecologically sound practices throughout the college based on thoughtful analysis of immediate and long-term impacts
  • Develop a college curriculum which includes learning outcomes that reflect ecologically sound standards and practices

At Chemeketa quality involves the practice of learning and continuous improvement through effective leadership and employee development. Its goal is the talent development and engagement of individuals and teams to address organizational challenges at the level closest to the work. Its result is creation of organizational capacity through the development of high quality, efficient, and effective systems, processes, services, and programs. With this context in mind, as a college community we will:

  • Adopt a regular cycle of program and service assessments / reviews to support continuous improvement of educational programs and all services (plan, do, check, act)
  • Improve key college operations and services through the adoption of “lean” methods, including value stream mapping, identification of performance metrics, and empowerment of individuals and teams to suggest, implement, and evaluate new practices
  • Engage all employees in continuous improvement efforts through effective leadership behaviors and employee development