Bail Schedule

Parking violations are never fun, but they serve and important purpose.

  • The origin of the citation form shall govern the applicable bail and enforcement mechanism.
  • The bail for citations issued on college–approved forms shall be established by college administration and maintained by the Public Safety Office. Such citations are subject to administrative enforcement by the college, including referral to a collections agency.
  • The College bail schedule is–
    1. $15 for failure to display a valid parking permit, or improperly displaying a parking permit;
    2. $30 for displaying an altered or misused parking permit;
    3. $10 for head–in parking violations;
    4. $300 for a disabled parking space violation; and
    5. $20 for all other violations.
  • The bail for violations of the Oregon Vehicle Code, including a citation issued under ORS Chapter 811 for unlawfully parking in a disabled parking space, is established by the state. Such citations, when issued on a state–approved form, are subject to enforcement in a local, circuit, justice or municipal court.
  • Bail of campus issued citations are subject to doubling if not paid within 14 days of date on citation.

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