Bail Schedule

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  • The origin of the citation form shall govern the applicable bail and enforcement mechanism.
  • The bail for citations issued on college-approved forms shall be established by college administration and maintained by the Public Safety Office. Such citations are subject to administrative enforcement by the college, including referral to a collections agency.
  • The College bail schedule is -
  1. $15 for failure to display a valid parking permit, or improperly displaying a parking permit;
  2. $30 for displaying an altered or misused parking permit;
  3. $10 for head-in parking violations;
  4. $300 for a disabled parking space violation; and
  5. $20 for all other violations.
  • The bail for violations of the Oregon Vehicle Code, including a citation issued under ORS Chapter 811 for unlawfully parking in a disabled parking space, is established by the state. Such citations, when issued on a state-approved form, are subject to enforcement in a local, circuit, justice or municipal court.
  • Bail of campus issued citations are subject to doubling if not paid within 14 days of date on citation.

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