Traffic Violations

Sorry, but sometimes there are consequences.

Vehicles parked in violation of the college Traffic Code are subject to a citation or warning. The citation may be issued on a form approved by the college for administrative enforcement, or a form approved by the state for local, justice or municipal court adjudications.

Drivers of vehicles being operated in violation of the Oregon Vehicle Code may be issued citations that are processed through a local or state court.

Vehicles parked in a manner that impedes the normal flow of traffic may be towed at the owner's expense.

Vehicles abandoned on college property may be towed under ORS 98.830.

Four or more unpaid citations issued on a college–approved form to a vehicle, or college parking permit, used or owned by a student, faculty, staff member, guest or visitor will result in a vehicle immobilizing device (boot) being placed on the vehicle. An additional boot fee of $30 will be assessed for installation and removal of the vehicle-immobilizing device.

To view a specific section of the traffic code, click the appropriate link.