Emergency Response

The college has developed emergency procedures for each of its locations. These procedures outline basic actions individuals can take if they are presented with an emergency situation such as earthquake, building evacuation, fire etc.

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Hard copies of the procedures are posted conspicuously throughout Chemeketa's buildings.

The college has adopted the Incident Command System for responding to emergencies. During an emergency, the designated incident commander shall determine if the situation poses an immediate threat to the health or safety of students, visitors or employees. If the emergency is confirmed the incident commander will determine the content of the message and initiate the notification system. Notifications of emergency situations will occur in the following order:

  • Within minutes –
    Text messaging, building alarms, public address system where available, voice over campus phone intercom system.
  • Within hours –
    Chemeketa Web page, blast e-mail and voice mail, media releases, News Bridge.
  • Within days –
    Media releases, Chemeketa Web page, messaging boards, blast e-mail and voice mail.