Sexual Assault

Inappropriate student behavior is addressed in the Students Rights and Responsibilities section of the college catalog and in the student handbook. Anyone who commits a sexual assault faces criminal charges and disciplinary sanctions. Students responsible for a sexual assault also are subject to administrative sanctions imposed by the Dean of Students, including expulsion from the college. Disciplinary procedures in all alleged sexual assaults include the following:

  • The accuser and accused are entitled to the same opportunities to have others present during a campus disciplinary proceeding
  • Both the accuser and the accused shall be informed of the outcome of any campus disciplinary proceeding brought alleging a sexual assault

In addition to contacting the Public Safety Office and local law enforcement officials, students are urged to follow the steps contained in the Student Rights and Responsibilities document for reporting sex offenses and other criminal acts.

The Public Safety Office can assist students and staff with information and assistance related to sexual assaults, including:

  • Reporting assaults to appropriate law enforcement agencies and options of agencies to report to
  • Preservation of evidence necessary for the investigation of sexual assault and prosecution of those responsible
  • Notification of students of existing counseling, mental health or student services for victims of sexual assault, both on campus and in the community
  • Options of changing academic situations after an alleged assault if such changes are reasonably available