Water Quality in Chemeketa Buildings

Water quality and lead contamination is a major public concern. Chemeketa began testing the water in our buildings for lead contamination in June of 2016.

Of the hundreds of tests performed, action levels were observed at the following locations -

  • One location in Building 2
  • Two in Building 5
  • Two in Building 49

The drinking fountains in Buildings 2 and 5 were closed, and will be re-opened with new drinking fountain/bottle filling stations.

Of all the buildings tested, only Building 49 was determined to have a possible systemic problem. At all other locations it was determined that the drinking fountain itself was responsible. A new isolated water supply line is being installed at Building 49 to re-feed the kitchen and other drinking water locations. Other nondrinking water sources within Building 49 (restroom sinks) have been signed "not for drinking water purposes".

To keep you informed, we are posting the results of the college’s lead tests online as they are completed – Facilities Water Quality Report.