GED Options Class

For individuals aged 16 to 20 years old who are interested in enrolling in preparatory classes prior to taking the GED test. Prior to attending program orientation and class registration, all new students must complete assessment. All 16 and 17 year olds are required to bring a signed and completed Enrollment for Underage Students Form to testing - you cannot begin your assessment without this form. The form is available from the last high school you attended. For more information regarding assessment testing and orientation, please call 503.399.5293.

Spanish GED

For individuals interested in taking the GED class preparation in Spanish. There are community education preparation classes in Spanish to help the students be ready for the official GED exams. For class hours and orientation, call 503.399.5224.

Para todas aquellas personas que quieran tomar el GED en español. Chemeketa ofrece clases de preparación en español para ayudar a los estudiantes a prepararse para hacer los exámenes oficiales de GED. Hay un costo de $15 para tomar los exámenes de evaluación. También hay un costo no reembolsable por trimestre de $70 para tomar las clases. Para saber el horario de las clases y para hacer una cita para hacer los exámenes de evaluación llame al 503.399.5224.

High School Equivalency Program (H.E.P.)/Programa de Equivalencia de la Preparatoria (H.E.P)

Assists migrant and seasonal farm workers and their families to obtain a GED certificate. To qualify you must have worked at least 75 days within the last two years in agriculture as a migrant or seasonal farmworker. Contact 503.589.7725 for more information.

Ayuda a trabajadores migrantes o temporales y a sus familias a obtener el certificado GED. Para calificar usted debe de haber trabajado por lo menos 75 días en los últimos dos años de manera temporal o migratoria en la agricultura. Llame al 503.589.7725 para más información.

For more information about our program, please contact the Academic Development Department at 503.399.5224.