Winema High School Completion

Chemeketa's Winema High School completion program is designed to provide a safe environment that promotes student respect, responsibility and success. Winema's high expectation behavioral policies all contribute to providing you safe surroundings where you are free to focus on your courses and goals. The greatest advantage of attending Winema is the fresh start you are offered both socially and academically.

The Winema program runs on an accelerated schedule. You will attend classes in blocks; at the end of each block you will have the opportunity to earn up to one high school credit. When you attend and complete the Winema High school completion program you will receive your high school diploma.

Winema has two schedule options for you to choose from -

  • Winema Day Program
    Mon. - Fri., 9:00 am - 2:20 pm
  • Winema Sunset
    Tues. - Thurs., 2:45 pm - 7:20pm

Student Expectations

  • Must be 16-20 years old
  • Maintain excellent attendance
  • Demonstrate respectful behavior
  • Show patient regard for diversity
  • Contribute positive vitality
  • Possess the motivation to reach your goals


  • No cost for tuition or books
  • Opportunity to receive free college classes
  • Graduates are invited to walk in Chemeketa's June graduation

Getting Started

  • Visit our office and pick up an application for sponsorship
  • Return a completed application with an up to date high school transcript
  • Take the High School Assessment Test
  • Attend the proper Winema Orientation - Day/Sunset

For more information

High School Partnerships
4071 Winema Place
Salem, OR 97305
Building 50, Room 102

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