Chemeketa Woodburn High School Programs

Programs offered through Chemeketa High School Partnerships at the Woodburn campus.

Woodburn High School Early College

The Woodburn Early College Program is a partnership between the Woodburn School District and Chemeketa Community College. This Early College Program is designed for Woodburn students who have completed high school graduation requirements and are interested in improving skill levels in math, writing, reading, and technology. It is a supported environment designed to improve success within the college experience.

Woodburn Success Transition to Early College (TEC)

The TEC program is an opportunity for students from Woodburn Success that have completed the majority of their high school credits, prior to the end of the school year, to begin taking college courses in advance of the Woodburn Early College Academic Year. It is designed to support a seamless transition from high school to college level programs.

Woodburn Success High School Transitions

The office of High School Partnerships Transition Program is a high school credit recovery program. Students from Woodburn Success High School take high school credit courses, in a college environment, to earn credits towards their high school diploma. Students that are successful in the program are offered an opportunity to transition from high school to college courses.

Woodburn GED/High School Options

The Woodburn GED/High School Options program offered through High School Partnerships is available to students between the ages of 16 and 20. Students have an opportunity to attend classes during day or evening. There is no cost for tuition, books, or testing.

Program Plaza Chemeketa (Day and Evening)

If you are between the ages of 16 and 20 years old, you have the opportunity to take the following classes through the Office of High School Partnerships in Woodburn. Courses are free.

  • High School Classes
  • GED
  • English Language (ESOL)

Tienes entre 16 y 20 años de edad, estudia, GRATIS English, GED O High School Diploma

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