DEQ Installer and Maintenance Provider

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has an contracted with Chemeketa Community College to provide classes to fulfill required training and certification of Onsite System Installers and Maintenance Providers.

Students who complete the 8-hour DEQ Installer class or the 16-hour DEQ Maintenance Provider class and pass the certification test (a passing grade equals a score of 70% or better), will be mailed a serial-numbered, laminated certification card.

Installers (see DEQ website for Installer criteria)

An Installer is a person who supervises or is responsible for construction or installation of onsite systems must be a certified Installer unless the person is the permittee for construction or installation of the system or the permittee's regular employee.

Maintenance Providers (see DEQ website for Maintenance Provider criteria)

A Maintenance Provider is a person who inspects, maintains, or certifies or supervises maintenance on onsite systems using alternative treatment technologies, recirculating gravel filters, or commercial sand filters an must be certified as a Maintenance Provider unless the maintenance provider owns the system being serviced and has received training from the manufacturer on proper maintenance of the system.

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