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CCBI Administration

Diane McLaran, Executive Director of the Center for Business & Industry, which includes Accelerated Community Employment, Community and Continuing Education, Customized Training, and Small Business Development Center.

Cassie Pilkenton, Administrative Coordinating Secretary. Serves as Office Manager and assistant to the Executive Director.

Accelerated Community Employment

Alcina Garcia, ACE/OFSET Training & Employment Specialist. Assists mandatory SNAP clients with job search readiness skills.

Customized Training

Larry Ralphs, Project Coordinator for Customized Training. Develops short-term trainings.

Lori McCauley, Project Coordinator for Customized Training. New business development and special projects.

Kathy Davison, Department Assistant. Contract specialist for Customized Training.

Kellie McDonald, Department Assistant. Processes registrations and payments for Customized Training classes and provides support for ACE/OFSET program.

Dawn Pahl, Department Assistant. Provides information regarding Customized Training offerings and services.

Microenterprise Resources, Initiatives & Training (merit)

Forrest Peck, Director of MicroEnterprise Resources, Initiatives & Training Program.

Mona Edwards, Program Coordinator for MicroEnterprise Resources, Initiatives & Training Program.

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

Celia Núñez, SBDC Director. Instructor for the Small Business Management Program.

Tatyana Sukhodolov, SBDC Training Coordinator. Organizes training events and develops marketing systems.

Lori Cegon, Small Business Management Program (SBM) Director, Business Coach.

Joanne Scharer, Business Advisor specializing in business planning and access to capital.

Don Lundberg, Business Advisor and Instructor. Specializes in business structure and strategic planning.

Gary Richards, Business Advisor. Specializes in financial analysis, international trade and intellectual property.


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