Our Objective

We seek to generate meaningful, open, and impartial competition in the procurement of goods and services, protect the integrity of the public contracting process, and promote optimal value to the College. "Optimal value" may include the evaluation of performance factors, pricing, and other aspects of service and product quality.

Principles & Ethics

Procurement Services staff subscribe to the following principles and ethics and are subject to the provisions of Oregon Government Ethics law -

  • We believe in the dignity and worth of the service rendered by education and our own social responsibility as trusted public servants
  • We consider, first, the interest of Chemeketa in all transactions and carry out and believe in the College's established policies and procedures and the state and federal public contracting laws
  • We keep the College informed, through appropriate channels, on problems and progress of whom we serve, but keep ourselves in the background, by emphasizing the importance of the fact
  • We do not seek or dispense personal favors
  • We handle each administrative problem objectively, without discrimination, on the basis of principle of justice
  • We strive to foster competition in order to obtain goods and services at the lowest possible cost, and to provide all interested suppliers with the opportunity to offer their products/services to the College
  • We strive to give a prompt and courteous reception to all those calling on us to conduct business
  • We believe that personal gain or benefit obtained through misuse of public or personal relationships is dishonest
  • We believe that we should, at no time, or under any circumstances, accept directly or indirectly any gift or other items or service of value from suppliers

Contact Us

Procurement Services
Building 2, Room 202
4000 Lancaster Drive NE
P.O. Box 14007
Salem, OR 97309

Phone: 503.399.5014
Fax: 503.399.5038

8 am to 5 pm, M-F, except during college-recognized holidays and closures.

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