Process and Information

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

  • (Applies to all Purchase Order transactions unless specifically provided otherwise on the front of the Purchase Order.)

Insurance and Supplementary Contract Conditions

  • Attachment - INS/AE
    (Insurance Requirements for Architects, Engineers, Photogrammetrists, Transportation Planners, Land Surveyors, and Providers of Related Services)
  • Attachment - INS/LPRO
    (Insurance Requirements for Professional Services Contractors such as: Physicians, Attorneys, Accountants, and other Licensed Professionals)
  • Attachment - INS/STAN
    (Insurance Requirements for Contractors providing services such as: Trades, Rentals, Vending, Security, Temporary, and Related Services)

Limitations of Authority

Procurement Services is responsible for issuing purchase orders for most purchases made on behalf of the College for amounts of $10,000 or greater. Designated College staff may purchase items under $10,000, using a College Procurement Card (PCard) or a Check Request form.

In order to ensure appropriate College authority to expend funds, and to assist in prompt payment for goods and services, the supplier should accept orders of $10,000 or greater only from the Chemeketa Procurement Services office on a College Purchase Order.

It is the supplier's responsibility to clarify all costs, including freight terms, etc. Not doing so may cause delays in payment.

Anytime a supplier assumes the responsibility of providing goods or services to the College without referencing the appropriate Purchase Order, supplier also accepts the possibility of the College refusing to acknowledge the transaction and refusing to make payment.

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Procurement Services
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8 am to 5 pm, M-F, except during college-recognized holidays and closures.

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