Solicitation Methods

Very few goods and services are procured without some consideration of competition. It is the college's objective to promote competition in public contracting that supports openness and impartiality to the maximum extent possible.

College staff who are using the Procurement Card or Check Request form for the purchase of small dollar items may place orders directly with the supplier for amounts of <$10,000. Staff are encouraged to obtain quotes.

For orders > $10,000 but less than $150,000, Procurement Services will work with college staff to conduct an informal solicitation and obtain three written quotes whenever possible. Procurement Services shall generate a Purchase Order/contract/agreement or similar acquisition instrument.

For orders > $150,000, Procurement Services will choose the appropriate solicitation process (e.g., invitation to bid, request for proposal, request for information, etcetera) to arrive at offers that represent optimal value to the college.

Notices are placed on the Procurement Services' website, on the Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN), and at OREGON PROCUREMENT SEARCH.

Suppliers may attend the public opening of the solicitation document. See posted notices for details on date/time/location of public opening. The college will attempt to post preliminary results this web site.

Standard contract provisions

The college's Standard Contract Provisions, as required by law, are an integral part of every purchase order issued by the college.

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