Chicano/Latino Studies Course Descriptions

CLA201 Intro Chicano/Latino Studies 1
Introduces Latino history in the United States beginning with Spanish colonization and continuing with the Mexican-American War. Covers Mexicans' role in American labor, economics, the Bracero Program and the Chicano Movement. F, W, Sp, Su
4 Credits

CLA202 Intro Chicano/Latino Studies 2
Introduces the social, educational, political and economic status of Latinos in the context of United States institutions and structures. Examines demographic profiles and current issues from a Chicano/Latino perspective. F, W
4 Credits

CLA203 Intro Chicano/Latino Studies 3
Provides an overview of the cultural heritage of Chicanos and Latinos in the United States. Draws from anthropology, folklore, literature and linguistics. Examines folk and popular culture as well as the integration of various traditions. Sp
4 Credits