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Geology Course Descriptions

GEO142 Geology of NW-Vol/Mtn/Earthqks
Studies plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, mountain-building processes, and geologic hazards, with emphasis on the Pacific Northwest. Includes plate tectonic theory, types and effects of volcanism and other geologic activity on humans, seismic waves and faults, accreted terranes, geologic maps, and Oregon’s geomorphic provinces. Offered as needed
4 Credits

GEO143 Pacific NW Rocks & Minerals
Focuses on the description and identification of the principal rock-forming and economically valuable minerals, and the most important igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks of the Pacific Northwest. Covers natural processes that form rocks and minerals; relationships of rock types to environments of formation, including plate tectonic settings; classification and laboratory identification of minerals and rocks; important uses of minerals and rocks in society; the rock cycle; and the geologic time scale. Offered as needed
4 Credits

GEO144 Geo-NW Rivers/Glaciers/Deserts
Studies surficial geology of the Pacific Northwest, including streams, groundwater, coastlines, landslides, glaciers, lakes, and deserts. Includes geomorphic provinces of Oregon, topographic maps and profiles, Ice Age floods, Geologic Time, and geologic cross-sections. Offered as needed
4 Credits

GEO201 Geology: Rocks & Minerals
Presents systematic study of the nature and origin of common rocks and minerals with identification techniques applied in laboratory and field trip activities. F
4 Credits

GEO202 Geology: Surface/Env Geology
Offers a descriptive survey of geologic surface processes including: rivers, coasts, mass movement, groundwater, deserts, and glaciers, and the interaction of climate and climate change on these systems. Includes topographic map interpretation and field activities. W
4 Credits

GEO203 Geology: Evolution of Earth
Studies earth history, geologic time, and evolution of life on earth. Includes study in plate tectonics, earthquakes, and structural geology. Includes field and laboratory studies of paleontology. Sp
4 Credits