General Science Course Descriptions

GS104 General Science: Physics
Covers an integrated study of the force, motion, heat, and light phenomena that we observe in the physical world. F, W, Sp, Su
4 Credits

GS105 General Science: Chemistry
Offers a broad, non-quantitative, and descriptive survey of chemical principles relevant to everyday life. F, W, Sp, Su
4 Credits

GS106 General Science: Earth Science
Introduces various branches of the earth sciences. Includes basic terminology, fundamental processes and respective interrelations. F, W, Sp, Su
4 Credits

GS107 General Science: Astronomy
Surveys the physical properties of planets, stars, and galaxies. Examines the size of the universe and the objects within. Also examines the process astronomers use to gather data and form models. Prerequisite: Placement into MTH070 or higher; or MTH070, MTH095 or higher, with a grade of C or better; or consent of instructor. F, W, Sp, Su
4 Credits

GS120 Rudiments of Meteorology
Describes the treatment of contents of the atmosphere, cloud and precipitation types, weather instruments, thunderstorms, cyclones, hurricanes, air masses, fronts and weather forecasting. Offered as needed.
3 Credits

GS141 Gen Sci: Earth Systems Science
Explores the human population and human technology and their impact on our world. Presents how natural corrective processes are not keeping up with the pace of change and considers how the Earth system works, the consequences of human actions, and how we can use our knowledge to protect our world. Evaluates appropriate responses to local and global environmental problems. Offered as needed
4 Credits

GS142 General Science: Geology
Introduces geology using the Annenberg Earth Revealed video series. Studies the Earth as a system. F, W, Sp, Su
4 Credits

GS143 General Science: Oceanography
Focuses on the physical properties of the marine environment as a unique feature of planet Earth. Sp
4 Credits

XGS0001A Youth Science Camp
Emphasizes the development of scientific skills and knowledge through hands-on experimentation and activities.
0 Non-Credit