Health Education Course Descriptions

HE204 Nutrition and Fitness
Examines basic concepts of nutrition and physical fitness. Emphasizes the application of behaviors and practices that contribute to individuals’ health and wellness. Topics include, but are not limited to, essential nutrients, digestion, dietary guidelines, energy balance, exercise, weight management, and the role of nutrition in health and disease. F, W, Sp, Su
3 Credits

HE209 Human Sexuality
Examines several aspects of human sexuality through the scope of physiological, psychological, and social perspectives. Emphasizes the understanding of the spectrum of sexual experience and behavior to develop awareness and make informed sexual decisions. F, W, Sp, Su
3 Credits

HE213 Women's Health Issues
Examines selected health issues and their physical and emotional effects on women. Topics include: body image, eating disorders, reproductive life, sexually transmitted infections, violence, menopause, cancer, depression, heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, and the politics of women's health. W, Sp
3 Credits

HE250 Personal Health
Presents basic information concerning the social, emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, and environmental aspects of personal health and wellness. Emphasizes health enhancing skills and behaviors. Provides an opportunity to apply and practice decision-making models regarding personal health issues. F, W, Sp
3 Credits

HE251 Community Health
Introduces the core functions of community health and the prevention of diseases and injuries, health needs of special populations, functions of voluntary and governmental health organizations, and future directions for community health. Includes epidemiology, chronic and infectious disease, social and behavioral factors in health and tobacco, obesity, maternal and child health, environmental impact on health population growth and the health care system. F, W, Sp
3 Credits

HE252 First Aid and CPR
Provides accepted safety, first aid, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, philosophy, techniques, and procedures that will enable students to appropriately cope with emergencies ranging from minor to life-threatening. Upon successful completion, students may earn a completion card from the American Heart Association. F, W, Sp, Su
3 Credits

HE262 CPR Instruction
Reviews theory and application of basic life support, instructional materials, and methods of use in CPR courses. Successful completion provides instructor certification or recertification by the Oregon Heart Association. Prerequisite: Certification in CPR by the Oregon Heart Association. Offered as needed
2 Credits

XHE0001A Massage/Swedish Workshop
The workshop is designed to familiarize adults with the various modes of massage and provide them with the ability to give a simple basic massage to their partner, based on sound principles of Swedish Massage.
0 Non-Credit

XHE0001B Massage Workshop
The three hour workshop will give students the basic techniques in giving a beneficial, therapeutic massage.
0 Non-Credit

XHE0001F Natural Body Care Products
Covers how to make homemade natural body care products such as body lotion, lip balm, bath salts and other delectable items.
0 Non-Credit

XHE0001G Aromatherapy
Uses essential oils for wellness and fun. Covers how to blend and administer aromatherapy products.
0 Non-Credit

XHE0001H Seasonal Herb Walk
Focuses on exploring Willamette Mission State Park looking to recognize and classify edible wild plants.
0 Non-Credit

XHE0001K Winter Wellness with Herbs
Presents guidelines for preparing herbal remedies which may be used to strengthen the immune system and maximize wellness during cold and flu season, and year round. Includes recipes for herbal teas, tincture formulas, cough syrup and more. Prerequisite: Medicinal Herbalism (XHE0853A) is recommended.
0 Non-Credit

XHE0001N Medicinal Herbalism
Presents an overview of western botanical medicine, its uses and practices. Covers the basics of how to make teas and tinctures, and how to work with oils. Provides samples from the class. Offered as needed
0 Non-Credit

XHE0001P Wellness Activities
Health Education (non-cr)
0 Non-Credit

XHE0572A Sleep/Improving Your
Quality sleep is necessary to good health at any age. Improving sleep through understanding the causes of disorders as well as the factors that improve sleep is the goal of this course.
0 Non-Credit

XHE0572D Welcome to Wellness
Explores the critical areas for maintaining wellness in older adults. Emphasizes self-responsibility for wellness.
0 Non-Credit

XHE0572E ETG Understanding Alzheimer's
Presents an overview of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Covers the basic principles of memory processing and the process of memory impairment typical in this disease. Includes information on new treatments, which treatments show the most promise, and current research, diagnosis, anatomy and pathophysiology.
0 Non-Credit

XHE0572F Eating for Health
Examines the digestive process; the role of protein, carbohydrates, and fats in health and disease; the role and sources of micronutrients; and potential health problems related to the standard American diet.
0 Non-Credit

XHE0572H Natural Self-Healing:Mind/Body
Focuses on health and self-healing through the use of mind-body medicine and healthy eating habits. Introduces concepts and techniques for mind-body healing; provides time for practice, self-reflection, and creation of a personal improvement plan. Provides information on nutrition and healthy, healing eating.
0 Non-Credit

XHE0572K Herbs for Women's Health
Discusses and presents recipes and samples for various herbs, foods, and natural strategies that can assist women through the complex stages of life. Prerequisite: Medicinal Herbalism recommended.
0 Non-Credit

XHE0573A Care Skills for Frail Elders
Provides practical skills designed to help family members provide care at home for frail or disabled older adults. Emphasizes hands-on activities and provides clearly written information, activities and resources.
0 Non-Credit

XHE0576A Personal Safety for Seniors
Covers personal protection and security methods for use in threatening situations. Includes assertiveness, personal protection, and preventative/avoidance attitudes.
0 Non-Credit

XHE0576B Health & Happiness After 50
Explores health and wellness issues for people over the age of 50. Presents the key ingredients in wellness and strategies for maintaining good health. Covers nutrition, herbal supplements, and managing medications. Includes learning how to advocate for yourself in health care settings.
0 Non-Credit

XHE0577A Meditation
Offers a variety of meditation methods in order to help reduce your level of stress and provide an opportunity to get in touch with your inner self. Participants should dress comfortably.
0 Non-Credit

XHE0577B ETG Conquer Your Stress
Presents a step-by-step process for understanding and managing stress. Covers recognizing how mind and body react when under stress. Includes practicing a variety of fun and easy-to-learn exercises to regain control of mind and body to shift from worry and anxiety into a more relaxed and calm state.
0 Non-Credit

XHE0579A Why Weight?
Overviews nutrition basics, the physiology of fat, metabolism, the role of exercise, and behaviors related to eating and weight loss. Uses information to create a personal, long term, healthy, weight maintenance plan.
0 Non-Credit

XHE9000A Respite Care Training
Presents a specialized training course that offers information, addresses issues, and provides skills for in-home respite care providers working with adults with developmental disabilities.

XHE9000C ETG Gerontology
Enhances the knowledge and skills of health care professionals who work with older adults. Covers physiology of aging, mental health and aging, and healthy aging. Provides a selection of four additional components to focus on areas of caring for aging people. Class fee $188.
2.6 CEU

XHE9000D Mindful Healthcare Provider
Explores strategies for living mindfully and in the present as healthcare providers. Includes stress reduction, prevention of compassion fatigue (burnout), finding and maintaining a balanced life, and enrichment of personal and professional relationships.
.7 CEU

XHE9000E Wellness - Walkabout
Supports employee physical activity by exploring the Chemeketa campus through the use of a campus map and predetermined route. Offered as needed
.1 CEU

XHE9000F Wellness - Pedometer Challenge
Supports tracking daily physical activity through the use of a pedometer and designated team goals. Offered as needed