Health and Physical Education Course Descriptions

HPE184 Prevent/Care Athletic Injuries
Introduces the basic concepts of athletic injury prevention, including taping and bracing techniques. Addresses injury recognition and management, including common mechanisms of athletic injury, signs and symptoms, and proper care and rehabilitation of common athletic injuries. F, W, Sp
3 Credits

HPE270 Sport Psychology
Introduces the mental, physical, and social aspects of sports. Presents basic psychological mechanics and discusses how they are part of athletic performance. Explores the newest research available. Focuses on decision making and behaviors which help promote team cohesion. F, W, Sp
3 Credits

HPE285 Adv Prev/Care Athletic Injury
Develops skills used in the field during athletic emergency or injury situations. Includes emergency first aid, CPR, heat and weather related sports considerations and injuries, rehabilitation techniques for return to play after common sport injuries, prevention of injuries through pre-season and in-season conditioning considerations and hydration. Prerequisite: HPE184 with a grade of C or better; or consent of instructor. Sp
4 Credits

HPE295 Health and Fitness for Life
Examines practices and behavior skills to improve lifelong fitness and wellness. Includes information on multidimensional concepts of health, fitness and wellness to help students develop practices that increase longevity and quality of life. Examines a student’s personal practices that contribute to wellness and gain an understanding of how determinants of health influence health status. F, W, Sp, Su
3 Credits

HPE296 Health & Fitness 2
Provides a practical study of wellness components with a focus on individual promotion of health behaviors, lifestyles and disease prevention. F, W, Sp
3 Credits