Hospitality and Tourism Management Course Descriptions

HTM100 Hospitality & Tourism Industry
Introduces the hospitality and tourism industry as a single, interrelated industry composed of food and beverage; travel and tourism; lodging, meeting, and planning; leisure and recreation; recreational entertainment; and eco and heritage tourism. Includes industry components, their current issues, and future trends. Assesses the impact of North America's changing demographics and lifestyles. Discusses economic impact, career opportunities, and service ethics. F, W, Sp
3 Credits

HTM103 Service Marketing Fundamentals
Studies how marketing activities direct the flow of goods and services from product to consumer in the hospitality and tourism industry. Covers satisfaction of customer's needs and wants, nature of marketing, sequential steps in marketing, key role of marketing research, interdependence of hospitality and travel organizations, and organization-wide and multi department efforts. Analyzes various industry marketing strategies. W
3 Credits

HTM104 Travel & Tourism Industry
Explores the major concepts in tourism, what makes tourism possible and how tourism can become an important factor in the economics of any nation, region, state or local area. Discusses the fundamentals of the tourism system and the key costs and benefits of a tourism economy. Promotes understanding and knowledge of the diverse elements that comprise the travel and tourism industry and the factors that influence growth and development. Uses examples of tourism development practices in Oregon. F
4 Credits

HTM105 Food & Beverage Industry
Covers the food service industry including its structure, organization, size, economic impact, regulatory industries and peripheral industries. Explores managerial problems and practices, trade journals, and resources. Reviews food service segments. Discusses current industry operational topics. W
3 Credits

HTM107 Hospitality Cost Control
Covers principles and practices of profit management for the hospitality industry. Explains cost control and yield analysis processes from purchasing through receiving, storage, issuing, preparing and serving. Includes inventory control techniques. W, Sp
3 Credits

HTM109 Front Desk Operations
Focuses on specific functions of front desk operations at a hotel, motel or resort. Covers front desk functions including reservations, registration, room and rate assignment, guest services, room status, maintenance and settlement of guest accounts, and creation of guest history records. Discusses development and maintenance of databases of guest information, coordination of guest services, and ensuring guest satisfaction. W, Sp
3 Credits

HTM114 Trvl Destination Geography 1
Focuses on the geographical areas of North, Central and South America. Provides in-depth geographical, political and cultural information on the countries emphasized. F
3 Credits

HTM115 Trvl Destination Geography 2
Focuses on the geography of Europe with emphasis on the United Kingdom and Ireland. Provides in-depth geographical, political, and cultural data on the countries emphasized. W
3 Credits

HTM116 Trvl Destination Geography 3
Focuses on the geography of Africa, the Middle East, India, and the South Pacific. Provides in-depth geographical, political, and cultural data on the countries emphasized. Sp
3 Credits

HTM125 Special Events Planning
Covers the management and operational activities required for successful coordination of special events and weddings. Focuses on research, design, planning, coordination stages and career opportunities within the special event and wedding industry. F, W, Sp
3 Credits

HTM127 Selling in Hospitality/Tourism
Focuses on learning how to sell services for a hospitality or tourism based business and how consumer use of the internet impacts purchase decisions. Analyzes the different selling strategies used by the industry. F
3 Credits

HTM130 Beverages
Provides a comprehensive study of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as they pertain to the hospitality industry. Discusses customer demographic shifts and beverage trends and the importance of responsible alcohol beverage service. Covers wine and beer appreciation, including regional differences, production methods, and upscale product features of distillates. Incorporates beverage mixology, marketing, and profit management. F, Sp
3 Credits

HTM131 Customer Service Management 1
Covers the full spectrum of quality service delivery, from the customer's unique perspective. Outlines customer expectations for both task completion and quality experience. Discusses key personal traits, skills and techniques for successful service delivery, including conflict resolution. Covers the unique perspectives of service in a 24/7 business environment. F, Sp
3 Credits

HTM143 Computer Reservation Systems 1
Focuses on the current methods that tourists and travel providers use to connect to, purchase, and/or sell travel related products and services. Explores travel information systems, rate negotiation, and distribution of services. W
3 Credits

HTM201 Customer Service Management 2
Provides an in-depth study of the methods and techniques employed by the hospitality and tourism industry to accomplish effective and efficient customer service operation. Includes combined discussions of management theory, systems, decision-making, and leadership directly relevant to any profession with emphasis on the hospitality industry. Also covers the business facets of human resource management, finance, ethics, and Total Quality Management within a business environment. Recommended Prerequisite: HTM131 with a grade of C or better, or consent of instructor. W
3 Credits

HTM203 Svc Mrktg Promo & Advertising
Assumes a basic understanding of service marketing and how it differs from product marketing. Incorporates these concepts into market differentiation and segments, including a consumer's service expectations. Focuses on building a brand with a distinct market position and incorporating promotion and advertising strategy. Includes designing a marketing plan as a final project. Recommended Prerequisite: HTM103 with a grade of C or better; or consent of instructor. Sp
3 Credits

HTM206 Resort Management
Explores the exciting and challenging world of the resort industry. Discusses scope of the industry along with the various adjunct industries concerning the successful marketing, management, and development of a resort. W
3 Credits

HTM207 Gourmet Culture
Explores the evolution of modern gastronomy and the culture of cuisine. Identifies key chefs and food writers who have contributed to the emergence of celebrity chefs and their impact on the American diet. Covers basic cooking techniques, cuts of meat, produce seasonality, and wine and food pairings. Explores creating marketable culinary experiences. Uses multiple media sources to deliver the content. W
3 Credits

HTM208 Attractions and Entertainment
Examines major components of the attractions and entertainment industries in tourism. Explores leisure tourism from the perspective of both the tourist and the provider. Focuses on three categories: heritage attractions, commercial attractions, and live entertainment. Covers staff, structures, marketing, and successful financial management techniques. F, Sp
3 Credits

HTM223 Computer Reservation Systems 2
Surveys travel computer reservation systems (CRS), including APOLLO, SABRE, WORLDSPAN, and PARS. Includes use of reservation system simulations to identify flights, auto rentals, lodging and associated travel information. Emphasizes problem solving in the workplace. Recommended Prerequisite: HTM143 with a grade of C or better. Sp
3 Credits

HTM224 Catering Operation
Studies on-premise catering facilities, including operations, sales, and relationships with outside vendors and related departments and industries. Emphasizes logistical operations and seeking and servicing various market segments. Recommended: HTM105 with a grade of C or better; or second-year standing in Hospitality Management or Tourism and Travel Management. F
3 Credits

HTM226 Event Management
Focuses on the management and operations of the convention and meeting market in the hospitality and tourism industry. Covers market sales, promotional activities, negotiations for meeting services, and convention servicing. Incorporates facilities, technology, and media. Prerequisite/Corequisite: HTM127 with a grade of C or better. F, Sp
3 Credits

HTM230 Hotel, Restaurant & Travel Law
Covers legal aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry. Utilizes critical thinking skills needed to communicate with attorneys and recognize ramifications of policies and practices in everyday operations. Discusses current legal situations, case studies, and the reasoning behind the course of action taken. Also covers the Disabilities Act, sexual discrimination, civil rights issues, basic court procedures, contract law negligence, guest relationship obligations, alcohol liability, travel agent relationships, and licensing and regulations. Prerequisite: Second-year standing in Hospitality Management or Tourism and Travel Management. W
3 Credits

HTM232 Menu Design
Covers principles of planning a menu from concept development and design mechanics to menu pricing and marketing issues. Addresses current foodservice industry needs, including operations, sanitation, and nutrition concerns, design mechanics, and increasing sales through the menu. Recommended Prerequisite: HTM105 with a grade of C or better; or second year standing in Hospitality Management. F
3 Credits

HTM233 Strategies Tourism Dest Mktg
Provides an overview of long-range strategic issues in community-based tourism. Focuses on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the international tourism industry. Discusses the role of destination management organizations in areas of strategic planning, marketing, product development, and community visioning. Explores concept of Destination Team and impact on participants and funding mechanisms. Sp
3 Credits

HTM235 Leadership in Tourism
Emphasizes the information, tools, and techniques to provide strategic human resource and fiscal leadership for destination management organizations (DMOs). Focuses on developing work teams and creation of information and financial management systems. Discusses leadership styles for diverse stakeholder groups such as volunteers, paid staff, elected officials, and community leaders. W
3 Credits

HTM236 Tour Operations
Covers basic tour management concepts and principles. Provides understanding of relationships of group travel to tourism industry, including economic, geographic, technological, political, and social forces. Examines the specific knowledge and skills required by tour operators, suppliers and representatives of destination marketing organizations. Analyzes industry distribution channels and packaging strategies. F
3 Credits

HTM237 Tourism Transportation
Provides understanding of relationships between the transportation and tourism industries. Defines tourist transportation systems incorporating traveler needs into management and planning. Examines key issues which transport providers, decision makers, managers and tourists face in the use, operation and management of tourist transportation. W
3 Credits

HTM244 Practicum1-Hospitality/Tourism
Provides on-site experience in a hospitality or tourism industry setting integrating field and classroom experience related to meeting program outcomes and individual student career goals. Prerequisite: Third-term standing in Hospitality Management or Tourism and Travel Management certificate or fifth term standing in Hospitality Management or Tourism and Travel Management degree with a grade of C or better in each of the required HTM courses, or consent of instructor or program advisor. Sp, Su
4 Credits

HTM280A Cooperative Work Experience
Offers placement in a business, agency, and/or industry for on-the-job training related to the student's curriculum. Prerequisite: Determined by each curriculum. Guidelines on file in the Cooperative Work Experience office and with each curriculum's CWE Instructor and Director.
1 Credits

HTM280B Cooperative Work Experience
Hospitality and Tourism Manage
2 Credits

HTM280C Cooperative Work Experience
Hospitality and Tourism Manage
3 Credits

HTM280D Cooperative Work Experience
Hospitality and Tourism Manage
4 Credits

HTM280E Cooperative Work Experience
Hospitality and Tourism Manage
5 Credits

HTM280F Cooperative Work Experience
Hospitality and Tourism Manage
6 Credits

HTM280G Cooperative Work Experience
Hospitality and Tourism Manage
7 Credits

HTM280H Cooperative Work Experience
Hospitality and Tourism Manage
8 Credits

HTM280I Cooperative Work Experience
Hospitality and Tourism Manage
9 Credits

HTM280J Cooperative Work Experience
Hospitality and Tourism Manage
10 Credits

HTM280L Cooperative Work Experience
Hospitality and Tourism Manage
12 Credits

HTM290 Operations Management
Reviews and refines essential skills needed for career success in the hospitality and tourism industry. Covers developing competency in creative problem-solving, critical thinking, effective oral and written communication, ethical reasoning, quantitative analysis, and the use of technology. Prerequisite: Second-year standing in Hospitality Management or Tourism and Travel Management programs. Sp
3 Credits

XHTM0500A Prof. Wedding Plan Essentials
Introduces the coordination and organizational tasks necessary for successful execution of professional wedding planning. Emphasizes potential client needs, wedding and reception design and logistics, venue considerations, vendor selection criteria, wedding day services and career opportunities.
0 Non-Credit

XHTM9900A HTM for The Educator 1
Provides an overview of the major hospitality and tourism industry segments. Assists educators in enhancing their curriculum. Emphasizes content and resources.

XHTM9900B Hospitality Educator Update 1
This course is specifically designed for hospitality, tourism and ProStart educators (secondary and post-secondary). Assists educators in teaching their related curriculums. Emphasizes content and resources.
.8 CEU

XHTM9900C Hospitality Educator Update
Conducts ongoing training for secondary and post-secondary hospitality, tourism and ProStart educators. Emphasizes hospitality industry and educator linkages providing a distinctly integrated resource and business management orientation. Provides leadership in the development and delivery of curriculum research and professional education.
2.4 CEU

XHTM9900D Food Handling Certification
Introduces food service sanitation practices. Includes contamination, food-borne illness, storage, preparation and service of food and beverages. Required course to obtain a Marion County Food Handler Card.
.3 CEU

XHTM9900F FMP Certification
Foodservice Management Professional workshop to prepare personnel in this industry for certification.
.6 CEU

XHTM9900H Cooking w/Professional Chef's
Focuses on cooking with professional chefs from the northwest. Includes chef demonstrations and cooking techniques. Covers a variety of cuisines, seasonings, techniques and tips needed to prepare and present professional culinary meals and experiences.
.3 CEU

XHTM9900J Mtg Planning Success:Details
Presents the fundamental tools of the complete meeting planning process. Emphasizes successfully planning, managing, and producing meetings and events. Provides step-by-step methods emphasizing meeting design, site selection, contract negotiating, budgeting, checklists, work plans and timelines, registration systems, food and beverage events.
.7 CEU

XHTM9900K Mtg Planning Success: Money
Focuses on the importance of sound financial management of meetings and events. Presents building budgets based on objectives. Explores methods to increase and sustain revenues through effective sponsorship, exhibit and advertising strategies. Examines cost-saving methods to decrease expenses in all aspects of the meeting and event planning process. Prerequisite: XHTM9900J
.7 CEU

XHTM9900N Quality Customer Service
Introduces techniques and skills necessary for successful customer service delivery in any visitor-related business. Focuses on customer contact skills for all areas of service such as hospitality, foodservice, retail and others. Includes Oregon Tourism Commission certification upon successful completion.
.3 CEU

XHTM9900P Q Program Train the Trainer
Demonstrates instructional skills and techniques needed to deliver the training seminar Quality Customer Service (`It Pays to Please). Instructs trainers in course specific strategies including PowerPoint presentation; role-playing and destination tourism information required for delivering successful trainings. Prerequisite: XHTM9900N Quality Customer Service Seminar
.6 CEU

XHTM9900Q Certified Cruise Professional
Provides on-site experience on a cruise ship worksite to develop criteria and field and classroom skills in meeting the standards of a cruise service professional. Successful completion of this course includes industry certification. (Certified Cruise Service Professional).
4.3 CEU

XHTM9900R Certified Cruise Administrator
Focuses on three essential areas of advanced management in the cruise industry: managerial finance, the competitive environment, and maritime law and regulations. Successful completion of this course includes industry certification (Certified Cruise Administrator). Prerequisite: Foundations of Cruise Leadership and Cruise Manager Certifications.
6.8 CEU

XHTM9900S Certified Cruise Manager
Provides on-site training on a cruise ship worksite, to improve management skills. Focuses on time management, dealing with difficult people, decision making, motivation, and goal setting. Successful completion of this course includes industry certification (Certified Cruise Manager). Prerequisite: Cruise Leadership Certification.
4.2 CEU

XHTM9900T Foundations/Cruise Leadership
Provides on-site experience on a cruise ship worksite to improve effective leadership. Focuses on seven dimensions of leadership, including establishing priorities, coaching, providing positive criticism, giving performance appraisals, and developing personal and effective leadership skills. Successful completion of this course includes industry certification (Foundations of Cruise Leadership).
3.5 CEU