Journalism Course Descriptions

JNL198D Independent Studies
4 Credits

JNL215 Publications Lab
Applies reporting skills, photojournalism and production principles through work on the student newspaper. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits. F, W, Sp
2 Credits

JNL216 Newswriting
Focuses on gathering and processing the news. Includes specific treatments on lede formats, organizing and constructing news stories, developing a news writing style, and both straight and feature materials. Covers editorial and column writing with considerable time devoted to the craft of writing. F
3 Credits

JNL217 Feature Writing
Emphasizes feature, in-depth, and investigative reporting beyond gathering and processing of news. Requires presenting material for possible publication in the student newspaper. W
3 Credits

JNL224 Intro to Mass Communication
Survey of communication media with emphasis on historical, social, technological and economic considerations in mass media in the United States. Examines important current legal and ethical dilemmas facing journalists. Recommended for journalism majors; open to others. Offered as needed
3 Credits

JNL225 Advertising & Public Relations
Introduces the communications and production aspects of advertising and public relations. Combines criticism and analysis with assignments in copy writing, design, and marketing strategy. Provides hands-on experience through work on the weekly student newspaper. Offered as needed
3 Credits

JNL227 Media Ethics
Introduces media ethics, with emphasis on the First Amendment. Covers its philosophical framework, corporate social responsibility, the legal system, the changing face of the modern media, editors and readers in the debate process, and issues of taste versus responsibility. Examines important dilemmas confronting print and broadcast journalists, with current examples of situations that are facing legal challenges to the system by the courts. Includes shifting standards of the public at large. Recommended for journalism majors; open to others. Offered as needed
3 Credits

JNL228 Media & Motion Pictures
Examines significant historical events, the media coverage generated at the time, and eventual film depiction. Emphasizes individuals or issues that have changed laws, conventions, mores, rules, life in general, and especially the way the media operates, ranging from McCarthyism to Watergate, the Cold War to presidential politics. Evaluates legal and ethical dilemmas. Recommended for journalism majors, open to others. Offered as needed
3 Credits