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Political Science Course Descriptions

PS201 American Government
Introduces American government and its attendant political culture. Focuses on the inner dynamics of American political ideologies, the nature of political socialization, and the political philosophy inherent within the United States Constitution. Examines foundational studies of Federalism, civil liberties and equal rights. Also provides an analysis of democratic theory and process, and the role of education and the mass media in shaping American politics. F, W, Sp, Su
4 Credits

PS202 American Government
Provides a close examination of the three branches of government and the Federal Administration in general. Focus on public policy; includes economic, environmental, welfare, education, foreign relations, and defense issues at both the state and federal level. Recommended: PS201 with a grade of C or better. F, W, Sp, Su
4 Credits

PS203 State & Local Government
Introduces U.S. state and local governments with emphasis on comparative political behavior in states and communities. Covers the political and institutional processes by which state and local governments make policy as well as the policy outputs themselves. Offered as needed.
4 Credits

PS205 International Relations
Introduces world politics and international relations. Deals with the nature of global conflict, nationalism, U.S. foreign policy, the role of multinational corporations in international decision making, North-South relations, and the mechanisms of conflict resolution between nations. Examines current global issues facing nation-states and helps students think critically about the challenges faced by the United States in an era of globalization. Offered as needed.
4 Credits

PS207 Trial Advocacy 1
Introduces the components of a trial in the American judicial system, and the role that the advocate plays. Examines basic trial advocacy techniques: direct and cross examination, opening and closing statements, and objections. Also provides an analysis of the proper use of evidence and exhibits in trial. Prerequisite: PS201 with a grade of C or better; or consent of instructor. F
4 Credits