Automated Prerequisites

Many classes have automated course prerequisite checking. A prerequisite is a course you must complete or a minimum test score required before you can enroll in a particular course.

If you are missing a prerequisite required to register for a course, you will receive an error message when you attempt to register for the course.

If you have documentation (e.g. unofficial college transcript showing equivalent prerequisite course) demonstrating that you have met the prerequisite requirement, we can help you obtain an override allowing you to register for the course.

Please prepare the following information -

1. Your unofficial transcript or placement score documenting that you fulfilled the prerequisite (copy/paste into the body of the web form below - there is no attachment option)

2. The identification for the course you wish to enroll in, e.g. WR121

3. Your student identification number, (K#)

4. Enter your student issued email address in the web form below.  Your student email address is your username followed by NOTE: there are 2 dots!

Then contact us via e-mail.