Frequently Asked Questions

When should I register?

As soon as possible! Many classes fill quickly, and others may be cancelled due to low enrollment.

What happens when a Community Education Class is cancelled?

All fees are automatically refunded if a class is cancelled. Avoid the disappointment of having your class cancelled due to low enrollment. Register early and invite a friend (or five) to take the class with you.

Is a parking permit required?

Please arrive early to the first class. If a parking permit is required, your instructor will provide one at no cost to you.

Can I register my child in a Community Education Class?

Yes, if they are under 18, call 503.399.4949 for an Underage Enrollment Form which the Parent/Guardian will need to sign granting permission.

What if I want a refund?

When you register for a class, you agree to pay the fee whether or not you attend. If you decide to "drop" a class, you must do so within the designated refund period. Call us for details at 503.399.4949.

Are there accommodations for people with disabilities?

Yes. Your participation is our goal. Please call Disability Services at 503.399.5192 to discuss your situation.

Where can I buy a textbook?

Textbooks can be purchased from the Chemeketa Bookstore.
Bookstore Hours of Operation

Can I give a Community Education class as a gift?

Yes! Contact our office; we will gladly help you at 503.399.4949..

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