Hear what people are saying about Community Education

When you take a Chemeketa Community Education class, we appreciate your feedback on how the experience was for you and how it improved your job skills or enriched your life. Here's a sampling of feedback on some Community Education Classes:

Community Education Classes:

More and more classes keep getting added – it’s great! And everyone in the office is helpful.

These classes are great! I have taken Tap Dance, German & How to Remodel Your Kitchen….good return for the cost and the teachers have been excellent.

I’ve had very good experiences with community education classes. I’ve broadened my knowledge & interests and met interesting people.

Thank you so very much for including me in your Uncial Workshop yesterday. It was a wonderful opportunity for all of us to learn the basics of this beautiful alphabet. I know I learned much from your expert instruction. I especially appreciate all the tips and pointers that you don't find in books, such as the importance of arm movement, correct angle of the paper, and correct breathing. And you made the workshop not only instructional but fun by establishing an accepting, informal atmosphere.

I recently took a beginning computer class this fall and thought the class was outstanding. The instructor was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful – tremendous! I learned a great deal and enjoyed my first experience at Chemeketa. Thank you for providing classes, such as this, for the public. I also thank you for the wisdom of hiring wonderful teachers like her.

Defend Yourself Against Violence:
The was by far the most worthwhile and well done class I've taken from CCC in a while. Jesse delivered his information clearly and succinctly, and he knew the impact of the material he was presenting. I was so thankful to have been exposed to what he taught us. I feel so confident now that I can defend myself after only one night!!!! Thank you for hosting this class!

Digital Photography:
The instructor did a great job of breaking technical info down to a more simple and applicable manner.  She is knowledgeable and very enthusiastic.  I gained more info about my camera and learned I need to buy a DSLR in the very near future.

Grant Writing:
I wanted you to know how fantastic the Grants Writing class was. The instructor was very informed and helpful. I walked away ready to write grants.

I feel as if I've learned so much and am looking forward to putting it into practice. I finally feel like I’ve found my creative outlet! It truly is an art form and I have a whole new respect for any individual that has sewing capabilities…

Tai Chi Yang:
This class taught me to slow down, relax.  The instructor worked with each individual to ensure success no matter what. She stressed proper form to get the most out of the class.  I believe this will enrich my life – it's an almost meditative form of exercise that has not only provided strength, but also a means of stress reduction.

Tap Dance:
Dee Montgomery-Smith is the best teacher in the universe! She is what keeps me coming back year after year.

Watercolor Basics:
The instructor's enthusiasm made a total beginner like me fearless.  I have never been inspired in a class to go back and redo assignments just to learn all that I could. Now, that's teaching.  Chemeketa is to be commended on its selection of instructors who are truly qualified.

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