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Meditation for Spirit, Mind & Body

Create a peaceful calm and explore different styles of meditation proven to reduce stress and promote general health for your spirit, mind and body.  During the workshop, you'll experience a variety of meditation techniques, including visualizations and breathing with mindfulness.  Lunch will be provided.

Rene Pyatt, Instructor. 10 am-4 pm, Friday, Jan. 20

Chemeketa Northwest Viticulture Center

(CRN 60088) $119 Register by or register online and save $20

Relationships Begin with You

Improve your relationships by improving your relationship with yourself.  Learn why loving and accepting yourself is essential to good relationships with others.  Gain tools for letting go of expectations, improved communication and increased empathy.  Lunch will be provided.

Rene Pyatt, Instructor. 10 am-4 pm, Friday, Feb. 3

Chemeketa Northwest Viticulture Center

(CRN 60070) $119 Register by or register online and save $20

How to Be an Executor

If you have a Will, you have named someone called a Personal Representative or Executor to manage and distribute your assets and property after your death. If you are planning to make a Will, you must think carefully about who should bear this responsibility.  Perhaps you have been named as a Personal Representative in someone else’s Will.  Do you know what’s involved and what to do? Being an Executor or Personal Representative is a major legal responsibility.  It can, and usually is, confusing, stressful, and time-consuming.  Nearly everyone who has ever served as a personal representative or executor has one of these reactions:  “I’ll never do that again!  or “I wish I had known what I was getting myself into when I said okay to my friend when I was asked to be a personal representative!”  Knowing what is involved in the probate process and how to be a Personal Representative can make this end-of-life process easier and more manageable. This workshop will cover the fundamentals of the Probate process, how to choose a personal representative and who may qualify, what are the personal representative’s fiduciary responsibilities and obligations, how to collect, inventory, and account for and sell assets, pay bills and taxes, keep adequate records, and distribute assets to beneficiaries.  Finally, we will discuss when is it over?  and can I get paid for all this work?  Kasia Quillinan, JD, is a retired attorney and legal instructor.  She teaches a Wills and Trusts, Guardianship and Conservatorship class for Chemeketa Community College, as well as other legal subjects. Lunch will be provided.

Kasia Quillinan, Instructor. 10 am-4 pm, Friday, Feb. 17

Chemeketa Northwest Viticulture Center

(CRN 60719) $119 Register by Feb. 10 or register online and save $20


Culinary Tour of Italy Series

Explore the regions and foods of Italy during this great Culinary Tour of Italy, hosted by Chef Ruby Lewis, owner and operator of Pizza King in historical downtown Albany. Enroll in the series and save $38; the series includes the workshops described below.

Ruby Lewis, Instructor. 1-4 pm, Saturdays, Feb. 11 to Mar. 10

Chemeketa Center for Business and Industry, Kitchen

(CRN 61440) $139

My Favorite Italian Desserts – Feb. 11

Dessert is probably the most important stage of the meal; it is the last thing your guests will remember.  Let's prepare a Grand Finale sure to dazzle your friends and family.  Let's make two types of Panna Cotta, with two elegant sauces and two types of delicious and fun to make  Biscotti.  Here's the menu: Vanilla Panna Cotta, Raspberry & Chocolate Sauce, Espresso Panna Cotta, Orange Craisin Biscotti and Sorpressa.  Yum!

(CRN 61439) $59 Register by Feb. 3 or register online and save $10

The ABC's of Pasta – Feb. 25

Join us as we continue to learn how to make incredible fresh pasta.  You'll surely have fun as you get your hands on the pasta, feeling the right texture of the pasta as it comes together.  This class will feature Fettuccine Alfredo, Tagliatelle, and Perfecto Pesto Pasta.  Better yet, you'll be ready for classes on more advanced pasta making techniques that will be offered in the Spring.

(CRN 61434) $59 Register by Feb. 17 or register online and save $10

Entertaining Made Easy – Mar. 10

Entertaining guests is like putting on a show.  Let's show how to plan and put together an Entertaining Show, filled with flair and style, and completely simple and fun. You'll find out how to dazzle everyone with all new luscious appetizers, two special beverages, and two delightfully decadent desserts.  After this class, here's what you'll be making for your guests: Crespelle Antipasto, Frico, Crostini, Port & Pears, Chocolate Napoleon, and Panettone Dolci.

(CRN 61416) $59 Register by Mar. 2 or register online and save $10



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