Frequently Asked Questions

Will transferred credits affect the number of credits I have at Chemeketa to determine my registration date?

No, transfer courses do not affect your registration dates in My Chemeketa.

Will my GPA be affected by the courses transferred in?

Courses that have been transferred show as a “T”, “TD”, “PL”, or “EC” in place of the grade. Transfer GPA is neither calculated by Chemeketa nor included in overall GPA on Chemeketa transcripts.

How do I know what classes to take at Chemeketa while awaiting my evaluation?

Academic advisors can advise you based on your unofficial transcripts from other colleges, which you should bring to your appointment. Advisors should be able to guide you in what courses to take while avoiding courses that you may receive credit for in the official evaluation.

I need prerequisites transferred in order to register for certain classes at Chemeketa. Do I have to wait for the evaluation to be completed to register for those classes?

No. The program chair or academic advisors can view your unofficial transcripts, which you provide. If they feel it is appropriate, they can do an override in our system to allow you to register for the desired class.

If I attended a semester school, how will my credits transfer?

1 semester credit = 1.5 quarter credits
Partial credits must be rounded down.

For Example:
A 2 credit course at a semester college is worth 3 credits at Chemeketa.
A 3 credit course at a semester college is worth 4.5 credits but rounds down to 4 credits at Chemeketa.

Why are some of my transfer courses listed as 1XX or 2XX?

Whenever possible, Chemeketa assigns a direct equivalent for transfer coursework, in which case our equivalent appears on your unofficial transcript. When there is not an equivalent course at Chemeketa, the course is assigned a 1XX or 2XX within the appropriate subject area. In many cases these courses will still satisfy specific Chemeketa requirements.

Why are some of my transfer courses listed as BI LAB, CH LAB, GEO LAB, GS LAB, PH LAB?

These are science courses that included a laboratory component but are not direct equivalents to a Chemeketa course. These courses often meet the lab science requirements for many programs.

Why were some courses not transferred in?

Transcripts are evaluated for the program you are enrolled in (or applying for) at Chemeketa. Courses meeting requirements for the desired program are transferred.

What if a course I took was not transferred in as an equivalent to a required course for the program I am pursuing but I think it might still meet the requirements of the program?

You can check with the department to see if they will consider a course substitution. Course substitutions are only permitted for some programs. To initiate this process, complete the Request for Substitution of Curriculum Requirement form available at Graduation Services in Building 2, Room 200, Window 13 on the Salem campus.

Does Chemeketa offer Reverse Transfer?

Yes, if you are Dual Enrolled with Western Oregon University and Chemeketa through our Dual Enrollment Program, we offer automatic Reverse Transfer.