Job Interview Tips

Every job starts with a good interview. Most employers evaluate not only an applicant's job qualifications, but also personality traits, attitude, interest, and ambition. The interview offers you an excellent opportunity to demonstrate these qualities and present yourself at your best.

Twelve Tips and Techniques

  1. If you have transportation problems or job conflicts, work out solutions before the interview.
  2. Arrive for your appointment ahead of time. (15 minutes)
  3. Good impressions include good grooming. Dress neatly - Clothes pressed and shoes clean.
  4. Show your enthusiasm for the job and the company. Learn all you can about the company. (Utilize the internet and your local library for researching the company)
  5. Answer questions openly and honestly. (If you have special issues such as a criminal history you should practice how you will answer these questions)
  6. For your references, take along a list of previous employers' names, addresses, dates of employment, and supervisors' names. (If there are any gaps in your work history, you will probably be asked to account for them.)
  7. Any of your skills, training, hobbies, interests, volunteer experience and achievements may be exactly what the employer is looking for in an applicant. Be prepared to talk about them completely and honestly.
  8. Determine your worth to an employer realistically. Do not ask for an unreasonable salary. Rather, indicate a salary range.
  9. "Sell yourself" to your interviewer! Show how much value you can bring to the job, not why you need the job.
  10. Be ready to explain why you want the job, and what you plan to be doing three to five years from now. Keep your goals in mind.
  11. Relax and enjoy your interview. Always be polite and courteous. Look directly at the person and smile! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask, in fact have a question to ask in mind. (Do NOT ask about the salary!)
  12. When the interview is finished, thank the interviewer. Write a short letter to the person when you return home, again expressing your interest in the position. In this letter you can also add important information that you may have forgotten to say during the interview.

Remember: There is never a second chance to make a good "first impression"

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