Combination Resumé

This resumé format is similar to the functional resumé, but employment history and education are included. It targets the preferred and most relevant skill areas. You combine elements of both chronological and functional styles in various ways. Skills areas are presented first with work experience listed in reverse chronological order below.


The combination resumé allows you to stress preferred and most relevant skill areas, and still satisfies the employer’s desire to see names and dates of employment. It provides employers with more detail, if desirable.


This resumé must be arranged carefully to avoid confusing appearances. It requires thought and practice to do well and is difficult to keep short.

Rules for the Combination Resumé

  • List the functional paragraphs in order of importance with the area most related to your present job target at the top.
  • Stress the most directly related accomplishments or results you have produced within each functional area.
  • List your work experience including title, employer and dates at the bottom of the resumé.
  • Include education after employment history unless the education is specifically related to your goal. Then you may wish to put it at the top of the resumé to emphasize it.

Sample Resumé

Donna Link
89 Monroe St
San Jose, CA 95132


An Entry-Level Clerical Position with a Commercial Bank


People Skills –
  • Several years experience working with the public and meeting customer needs
  • Ability to please customers
  • Cheerful personality
Secretarial –
  • Typing 40 words per minute
  • Familiar with Microsoft Word and Word Perfect
  • Familiar with office procedures

Volk, Zimerman, Forest and Young Law Offices
Filing Clerk
San Jose, CA
1992 to Present

The Happy Trout Restaurant
San Jose, CA
1990 to 1992


Santa Barbara School of Administration Santa Barbara,CA
El Monte HIgh School Los Angeles, CA


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