Job Blogging

Blogging is a great communication tool for sharing what's been happening in your life or your personal opinions. But is blogging right for you as a job seeker?

Are you revealing private information to a prospective employer that might make the difference whether you are hired for the perfect job or not? It's really important to presume that what you post online is open to everyone - your neighbors, your family, potential or current employers, coworkers, and professional colleagues.

Profiles on sites like Facebook aren't as private as you think they are. Employers have been known to peruse them along with blogs and web sites of prospective employees.

Follow these few tips to help maintain control of your personal privacy when job seeking and blogging at the same time-

  • Consider blogging anonymously. Use a fictitious name and don't give away any identifying details. (i.e. where you work or live, post your picture, etc.)
  • Limit your audience by using blogging services that allow you to designate individual posts or make your entire blog available only to those who have the password or to people who are designated as friends. (i.e. LiveJournal)
  • Don't include a link on your resume to a site which includes inappropriate content that is not suitable for a business audience.
  • Consider creating a personal web site if you're unemployed that specifically relates to your job search. (i.e. resume, work samples, your portfolio, and certifications) Only include professional and academic information.
  • Start a blog related to your career interests - blogging about industry trends, news and related topics.
  • Write a job search blog. This is a good way to track your job search and market your skills.

Make blogging work to your advantage; always present yourself in a positive manner. Use the opportunity to network with millions of people. Obtain information about career fields and companies. Create a favorable impression meeting your specific employment objectives that will pique the employer's interest.

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