Find Success in Job Search

Be open to the experience

Although you may feel discouraged at times, this transition is an opportunity to start in a new direction. Work on keeping your attitude positive. This one factor will be more important to winning than anything else.

Focus on what you can control, don't worry about what you cannot

You can decide how to spend your time, what to focus your attention on. Your attitude, and looking as appropriate as you can. You can't control who will hire you, when they will hire you, political hiring decisions, the world's problems, and pleasing everyone all of the time.

Beware of negative people and those who believe you will not succeed

Join a support group or surround yourself with people who are supportive and honest with you

Expect to make many contacts and hear "no" often

Understand that these are not personal rejections but only an indication that nothing is available at the moment.

See yourself as "available for work" not "unemployed"

How you feel about yourself and your situation will dictate how you will conduct your job search. Strive to learn as much as you can about the job market and employers, and educate them as much as possible about yourself.

See your job search as a full time job

Avoid letting others schedule time for you. You must be available so you can meet with employers and contacts when it is convenient for them.

Follow up on contacts you make

Many job seekers don't see results from their efforts because they don't call or write back to contacts. Every time you make a positive contact your chances for working for someone else increase significantly.

Take risks and make mistakes

Believe it or not, success comes more from correcting and adjusting than from waiting for the perfect time and place to make a move.

Expect to succeed

Focus on what you desire and your successes, not on what you don't want and what you perceive as failures. Remember that you get what you focus on. You create your experience from the mind first. Take responsibility for the contents within!

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