You've Got Skills - Descriptive Keywords

Active Adventuresome Alert
Assertive Attentive Aware
Adaptable Advertising Advisor
Analysis Anticipate Problems Appraisal
Appraiser Assembly Assess
Assessment Ability Barter
Bilingual Bookkeeping Budgeting
Bargain Calm Candid
Clear-thinking Conscientious Committed
Cooperative Courageous Competent
Composed Constructive Creative
Curious Collector Communication
Community Compiler Completes Tasks
Computer Experience Conflict Resolution Constructing
Control Costs Counseling Creative
Customer Service Detail oriented Drive
Decisive Dependable Determined
Diplomatic Deliver Designing
Editor Expressive Enterprising
Enthusiastic Easy-going Effective
Empathetic Energetic Exchange
Event Planning Excellent Attendance Record Excellent Driving Record
Focused Firm Fair
Flexible Fundraising Filing
First Aid/CPR Follows Directions Generous
Gentle Good Recall Good judgment
Hard worker Honest High Accuracy Rate
Humorous Handles Complaints High energy
Intelligent Integrity Ingenious
Inspecting Interviewing Skills Illustrate
Instructor Interpret Data Informative
Initiative Inventive Inventory
Kind Logical Loyal
Liaison Listening Meticulous
Memorization Make Policy Mediate Problems
Management Marketing Math Aptitude
Mechanical Move Materials Meet the Public
Meets Deadlines Monitoring Motivating
Negotiate Orderly Original
Operate Equipment Outgoing Prioritizing Organized
Optimistic Open-minded Perceptive
Perceptive Polite Progressive
Process Materials Record Data Scheduling
Prepares reports Punctual Physical endurance
Purchasing Public relations Patien
Proof read Public speaking Precision work
Persistent Playful Pleasant
Planning Practical Poised
Problems solver Quality Control Research
Records Restore Retrieve Information
Report Information Review Report Writing
Resourceful Risk taker Realistic
Reliable Reflective Sequence
Self-controlled Sort Supported
Sincere Stocking Spontaneous Supervised
Sketch Sense of humor Sales
Sell Scheduling Stable
Thoughtful Test Troubleshoot
Tactful Trustworthy Tutor
Translate Thorough Training
Upgrade Versatile Verify
Word Processing Warm Works Independently

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