Reasons Employers Don't Hire a Job Candidate

Bosses in business were asked to list reasons for not hiring a job seeker. From the most unwanted to least wanted these are the 15 biggest gripes-

  1. Poor appearance
  2. Acting like a know-it-all
  3. Can't express self clearly; poor voice, diction, and grammar
  4. Lack of planning for work; no purpose or goals
  5. Lack of confidence or poise
  6. No interest or enthusiasm for the job
  7. Not active in school extracurricular programs
  8. Interested only in best dollar offer
  9. Poor school record
  10. Unwilling to start at the bottom
  11. Making excuses; hedges unfavorable record
  12. No tact
  13. Not mature
  14. No curiosity about the job
  15. Critical of past employers

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