Goals, Plan of Action and Persistence Pays Off

  • Take Action - make job hunting your job
  • Develop a plan of action.
  • Take care of yourself - eat nutritious foods and get adequate rest.
  • Do something nice for someone else.
  • Make sure "self talk" is positive.
  • Spend time each day reviewing your job search "plan of action." Are you working on your goals?
  • Remember that you are a worthwhile person, and have much to offer the right employer.
  • Set definite job goals.
  • Engage in physical activity every day.
  • Associate only with positive people. Leave negative friends behind!
  • Get up early each morning - don't waste valuable time sleeping in!
  • Plan "alone time" in your daily schedule.
  • Remember, laughter is good medicine.
  • Remind yourself that each "no" moves you one step closer to a "yes"

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